Yanukovych announced a new strategy for Ukraine. Compare it with Brezhnev: “He promised some strategy, but it turned out as always, the Christmas tree …”

Yanukovych announced a new strategy for Ukraine. Compare it with Brezhnev: “He promised some strategy, but it turned out as always, the Christmas tree …”

President Viktor Yanukovych spoke on Thursday in Parliament an annual address on the internal and external situation of Ukraine in 2011. Common leitmotif Stop complaining and be humiliated, its time to declare itself the world seriously. He also drew the vectors of development of relations with Russia and NATO and announced priorities of the new strategy for the modernization of the country, reports NEWSru.ua.

“From here I want to appeal to every Ukrainian: Stop complaining and be humiliated,” – said Yanukovych. According to him, Ukraine is a strong and ambitious country. “It is time to show character, to prove to themselves and to the world that Ukraine – a country-leader”, – the head of the republic.

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, now a chief opponent Yanukovych, has compared his message to Congress of the CPSU, and the head of the Ukrainian state – with the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR Leonid Brezhnev. “I watch the message Leonid Ilyich … Yanukovych. CPSU Congress 30 years ago. Promised some strategy, but it turned out as always, the Christmas tree …” – Tymoshenko wrote in his microblog on Twitter, commenting on the Presidents message.

- Ukraine considers the U.S. guarantee of its national security, but not join NATO
- Kiev will develop a strategic partnership with Moscow
- Yanukovych brought mysterious formula of cooperation with the Customs Union
- He is dissatisfied with the results of the first year of his presidency
- And requires the adoption of anti-corruption laws immediately

“For more than a year, Ukraine implements a new foreign policy, which is based on the concept of national pragmatism, its basic elements are non-aligned dimension, ideologically neutral policy of partnership with Russia and the CIS countries, the EU, the USA, Turkey, China and ASEAN countries,” – Yanukovych said in his message.

He said that Ukraine should continue the path of reform, because in many areas there is untapped potential, and identified four basic priority in the new modernization strategy.

“The new modernization strategy defines a number of basic priorities, first of all – the creation of a modern, competitive state, whose defining characteristic is the rule of law and the development of legal culture, a balanced representative democracy, strong government, disciplined and mobile public management” – the document says.

The second priority is to humanize development, which means, first of all, an increase in social investment in human capital, creating a modern infrastructure lifeline. “Consequently, the reform priorities identified business modernization of education and health, improving social standards, creating a culture of creative use of leisure time and the development of national cultural industries” – the message says.

The third priority presidential address called keeping progressive development model that combines tactics Reformation changes to the strategic guidelines and priorities of social and economic development in order to enhance “continuous upgrading”.

The fourth priority is the approval of national foreign policy interests in a globalized world. “Its basis is the desire to build an equal relationship with the partners on the basis of international law, non-participation in military-political blocs, the integration with the European Union and the development of the strategic partnership with Russia, the U.S. and the” Big Twenty “.

On relations with the U.S. and NATO

Ukraine considers the U.S. as one of the guarantors of their own national security, says the annual message of the President of Ukraine Verkhovna Rada. The message indicates that the development of the strategic partnership between Ukraine and the Russian Federation may not occur at the expense of strategic relations with the EU and the U.S., built in previous years, reports “Interfax”.

“Based on the Budapest Memorandum of 1994, Ukraine considers the United States as a guarantor of their national security. It (Ukraine) has given priority to the political dialogue on security, military-political and military-technical cooperation, cooperation in the fight against international terrorism and conflict resolution, “- says the document.

Yanukovych also stressed that Ukraine intends to cooperate with NATO, while maintaining neutral status, which protects the national interests of the Republic. As noted in the letter, “the policy is a cornerstone of non-alignment” of the Ukrainian foreign policy doctrine and security doctrine.

The document states that “the task is to create a” perimeter security “along the state border of Ukraine.” Thanks to this policy, “Ukraine has a chance in the near future to provide its own security by means such as, in particular, an active policy of European integration and the pursuit of constructive partnership and intensive cooperation with NATO” – the message says.

Russia and its Black Sea Fleet in Crimea

Speaking about relations with Russia, President Yanukovych expressed, in particular, the conduct of the audit of problematic issues related to finding the Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine. In his letter noted that in the Ukrainian-Russian relations over the past year could take the pressure off of previous years.

“In this context, it is important are Kharkiv agreement in April 2010, which extended the units based Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine until 2042 and, accordingly, reduced the price of natural gas to Ukraine over the next 10 years” – like the Ukrainian leader.

Therefore, in his opinion, “it is expedient to revise the problematic issues related to finding the Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine, to take measures to improve the legal framework, to expand Russian participation in the socio-economic development of Sevastopol and other locations of the Russian Black Sea Fleet” – said in a text message.

With regard to the delimitation of the Kerch Strait, the then Ukraine should defend its position, based on international law, said Yanukovych. “The agenda of the (bilateral Ukrainian-Russian relations) – completion of the delimitation of the Kerch Strait. Ukraine continue to defend their own, based on international law position on the recognition of the boundary line in the channel in accordance with the administrative boundary line of the USSR” – the message says.

Yanukovych said the successful resumption of the dialogue with Russia and looks forward to the signing of the Declaration on the content of the Ukrainian-Russian strategic partnership. At the same time, Ukraine is the principled position that bilateral relations should be based on mutual respect for national interests, emphasizes the Ukrainian president.

Yanukovych is dissatisfied with the results of the first year of his presidency

Yanukovych with his message of dissatisfaction with the results showed the power of the first year of his presidency. “Giving an overall assessment of the work of the authorities in the last period, can I be happy with the first results? Anticipating critics and opponents immediately and openly say – no. From ideas and plans for 2010, we were able to realize, perhaps more than a third,” – he said .

The reasons for the low efficiency of power Yanukovych explained that “the government and society were not prepared for the proposed change.” “Byurokratizovannaya state machine, which can survive under any government, by inertia trying to keep their usual control mechanisms, their administrative capacity and corruption schemes of shadow wages,” – said the president.

“National business, both large and small, still sit on the fence – or critic or observer. Even so-called entrepreneurial maidans were rather critical reaction to the actions of the government than constructive proposal of concrete and viable projects for the government,” – he added.

According to Yanukovych, “millions of people over 20 years of independence, tired of waiting for quality changes, the society get the hand to survive, relying only on their own resources and capabilities.” “I understand peoples fears that any radical changes could worsen their already difficult lives. But the conclusion is categorical: it is necessary to break the practice of delay and inertia to overcome the confusion of political and bureaucratic sabotage,” – said the head of state.

President calls immediately take anti-corruption laws

“Corruption in Ukraine – a systemic phenomenon, it destroys the state and undermines every citizen who has to protect its interests on the basis of shadow relations”, – the president said in his address to parliament. It requires the immediate adoption of anti-corruption laws. “First of all we are talking about the radical overcoming corruption,” – he said.

According to Yanukovych, today corruption has become a threat to the constitutional rights of citizens. “Therefore, the closure of corrupt practices and immediate adoption of anticorruption laws – this is my categorical demand” – cut off the president.

“I demand that the law enforcement sector and of our judiciary strict observance of the law, fairness in the investigation and in making sentences. This way we can put an end to matters that concern the society for a long time,” – said Yanukovych.

He stressed that “the investigation of abuse of high officials of the government offices, crimes against journalists and public figures will be brought to its logical conclusion.”

The president also asked the Security Service and the Interior Ministry to strengthen the fight against drug trafficking and drug trafficking. “The level of drug and organized nature of the drug gained a national threat,” – said Yanukovych. “At no time expect from the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the proposals and action programs,” – he said in his annual address.

President urges law enforcers to continued compliance with the law and the promises that all trials will be disclosed. “This way we can put a point in those cases that are of concern to society. Investigating abuse of senior officials from the offices, crimes against journalists and public figures will be brought to its logical conclusion,” – Yanukovych promised.

This is the first message from the President Yanukovych voiced in parliament. Last year, Yanukovych has not acted in the parliament, instead he turned to the people in the National Palace “Ukraine”.