The most attractive places on the ruble: they are capable of killing (LIST)

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Inhabitants who are elite in the Soviet years starodachnyh settlements Rublevo-Uspensky highway today with representatives of all the parties jostle “new elite.” Newcomers can get the local pieces of the most expensive land in the Moscow region, translating them from the forest fund in non-forest and forest reserves zastraivaya once cottages to a density of “communal apartment,” distressed “Izvestia”.

This summer, deputy Rosprirodnadzor Mitvol suspended transaction to sell the reserved forest in Nikolina Gora, the surrounding village DSK “RANIS.” He recently told me that he had taken up the matter after speaking “with one very famous pianist”: “He called me on the phone and says:” Oleg L., save, help. “I say,” Give me an official statement, we state agency must considered official statements. Just sign up. “-” Oh, well, you. I am killed, I will knock your head. “Pianist, admitted Mitvol, it never wrote. But soon found himself in the hospital.

Ranisovtsy experienced scared. Afraid that Nikolina Gora will soon become like a Zhukovka and Barvikha, near which inhabits the Russian president.

The aliens are willing to pay a million hectares of green for the elite, for example, in Zhukovka (record price for this September – 200 thousand dollars per acre), and for the house in the same Zhukovka of 1000 sqm on a plot of 41 sq.m. – fork out $ 17 million .

Most attractive places Rublevki (LIST)


In the 20 years of the last century near the village of Discord, which at that time paved single track railway line was implemented almost the first experience of mass construction of cheap villas. As a result, there was discord departmental settlement “Virgin Soil” Peoples Commissariat of Workers and Peasants Inspection, consisting of 103 single-storey wooden two-and three-bedroom villas (three cost 718 rubles, and steam rooms, each with two rooms – 900). Among the owners of these properties including the old Bolshevik Vladimir Bonch-, Academician Alexander Winter, one of the first Soviet pilots Alexei Xewkija. In the mid-1930s, there lived a journalist Mikhail Koltsov, director Ivan Pyriev and actress Marina Ladynina.

Today, the land in the village of “Virgin Soil” (6 km from Moscow) is offered at 120 thousand dollars per acre.


Here is a government sanatorium “Barvikha”, and the symbol of this place can be considered included today in a sanatorium complex Meyendorff famous castle – the main house of the estate Podushkino, before the revolution belonged to Nadezhda Kazakova, married Baroness Meyendorff, and today – the Medical Center of the Office of Presidential Affairs RF. Do not forget the Barvikha-4 – private residence of Russian President Boris Yeltsin era.

Contemporary reality of the most expensive places on the ruble settlement Barvikha Club, where a 5.8 ha fit 110 houses (townhouses) ranging in size from 287 to 380 square meters

Hectare land is worth about 200 thousand dollars.


In 1930 Zhukovka liked NKVD and heads of departments Yezhov (probably because that lived near the cottages, Stalin and many of his colleagues). Later, taking a huge forest area in these places rose housing estates USSR Council of Ministers and the Central Committee of the CPSU and the small village of academic tasks. Over the years, there lived a Spanish Communist Dolores Ibarruri, Andrei Sakharov, the aircraft Yakovlev. Can be considered a local landmark and is drawn to the General Secretary of the Mongolian Tsedenbal huge three-storey villa in Mongolian style, and later redeemed by the Council of Ministers. Even in the “non-profit” times where the first private cottages Soviet leaders and their many relatives.

Today acres of land in Zhukovka (9 km from Moscow) can be purchased for 140 thousand dollars.


Before the revolution, these places are famous for their royal estate Ilinskoe (another Imperial “cottage” located nearby – in the mustache). In 1960, its territory was located pension “Illichivsk” Moscow City Party Committee, where he worked as a cook grandfather of our President – Spiridon Ivanovich Putin. Now the 35-hectare wooded park and the former royal mansion – owned and operated “The visit to Moscow”, founded by the government of Moscow and the Moscow region. Land in the vicinity of St Elias (10 km from Moscow) in our time is offered at 50,000 sq.m..


Here ends Usovskaya railway line, the news of the impending liquidation is for expansion Rublevo Assumption spetstrassy frighten ordinary people Rublevki. One of the local historical sites, however, still is not available to citizens – located next to the village Kalchuga first dachas of Stalin, whom he lived with his family from 1918 to 1932 (in the past – sensitive sites “Zubalovo-4″). In the neighboring country castle, also before the revolution belonged to oil magnate Zubalovo (special objects “Zubalovo-2″), up to 1965 the family lived Mikoyan. At different times in the rest of the local government dacha Dzerzhinsky, Voroshilov, Podgorny. Another object of the local sverhzasekrechenny, never misses the telephoto lens – Palace Cottage former imperial estate, a part today in a nearby part of the Executive Mansion, which came to be known as “Novo-Ogaryovo.”

The current special offer for the sale has not yet built up usovskoy lands $ 45 thousand per acre.

Petrovo Far

In these places once lived in his family estate of Prince Golitsyn (two years ago gave Gosnarkokontrol ramshackle manor – a summer residence). At the time, giving a close shot HOZU president – a huge house with a lift and special communication, built in the late 1980s to the Council of Ministers Chairman Nikolai Tikhonov – fugitive Boris Berezovsky.

Today hectare land is worth 40 thousand.


History Gorki-2 began in 1920, when the initiative was organized here Dzerzhinsky farm that supplied nearby party and government giving fresh produce (at first he even called “farm GPU”). Later it was transformed into a tribal Poultry Plant “Gorki-2.”

The current price of local forests and fields (15 km from Moscow), the rights to who can not defend the former employees of the local farms – 40,000 sq.m..


Once was a major landmark mansion millionaire Morozov. This is about her writing came here in 1897 by Anton Chekhov: “The other day was the estate of millionaire Morozov. House – like the Vatican.” The current owners of the property Morozova not far behind. One of the latest proposals for the sale of land in the Assumption: “The ideal place for a private residence. Plot 1.84 ha.

Price – 50 000 sq.m..

Nikolina Gora

80 years ago, with a light hand and a polar explorer Otto Schmidt mathematician and academician Chayanov on the bank of the Moscow River, the relic of the pines, the construction of the village for summer residence and building cooperative “RANIS” (employees of the Academy of Sciences and Arts). Here lived and worked exiled Nobel laureate Academician Pyotr Kapitsa, through which Nikolina Gora has become known around the world, created Veresaev writer, composer Sergei Prokofiev. However, settled here and commissars, and marshals, and even the prosecutor Vyshinsky. Perhaps the most famous current nikologortsy clan Mikhalkov.

Modern cottage in Nikolina Gora on 30 acres of land in September can be purchased for 3.5 million dollars. Acres of land, with luck, you can buy for 25,000.