The city authorities have dispersed housing defrauded co-investors

The city authorities have dispersed housing defrauded co-investors

Moscow police on Sunday broke up a protest affected depositors share building at the Government House. Despite the previously granted permit issued prefecture, police filed the organizers instructed Mayor Luzhkov is prohibited from meeting. Depositors believe that the city authorities, failing to deliver on earlier promises to satisfy the requirements of defrauded co-investors, now gone to a direct confrontation with them, “Businessman”.

Gathered in the square about 250 investors. A little boy in blue panama kept drawing, which depicted a childs hand and house people. “Im homeless, I was robbed of a house,” – explained the inscription. “Krasnogorskie officials did not give us an apartment in a finished house in Putilkovo – shouted the boys mother. – We, the co-investors, we beat all the bells.”

The action began quite unexpectedly for the participants: representatives of the police confiscated the protesters official permission for the rally from the Prefecture of the Central Administrative District for verification purposes. And then began to approach the police and others to demand our permission. Claimed that an unauthorized rally. As evidence, the police showed the mayor order, according to which investors have been denied even meeting on May 4, that is, immediately after the filing of the application (it is required by law to be submitted not later than ten days).

About fifty depositors began to shout: “Please protect Putin!” Their silence the voice of the leader of the Association of defrauded investors Anton Belyakov. “Dear friends, – he said into the megaphone, sitting in a police car – it turned out that our solution is really canceled. Behind are three buses with riot police, so I propose to suspend our event without creating problems themselves or enforcement bodies. We did everything we could. ”

However, most of the protesters were not going to fold. “So, quickly removed posters!” – They shouted police major, was filming the video camera. Depositors ignored him. “Everyone, start delay, – he ordered his men and showed a long stretch near the tree. – Here is the poster shoot.” But as soon as the police came to the woman holding the poster, they squealed loudly. The policemen were confused, but at this point the crowd broke into their boss and in one motion pulled poster. “Yes, I understand, I also have children, – he shouted to women – but your meeting is not sanctioned.”

Realizing that investors will not be able to talk, riot police lined up in a row, the audience began to displace the square. Thus the police escorted the protesters to near the entrance to the underground “Krasnopresnenskaya”.

Co-investors are confident that the city authorities to take with them into open confrontation. Recall that deceived participants shared housing conducted the first large-scale protests last fall even after dozens of construction companies in Moscow and the region have not fulfilled obligations to them. In December 2005, the authorities in Moscow and the Moscow region said they are taking the problem of unfinished housing under control: on behalf of Yuri Luzhkov, the Moscow City government formed a commission, which obligations unscrupulous companies had to pass “stable operating companies.” The authorities of the Moscow region said that the problem will be solved defrauded co-investors, including from the regional budget. “Promises Luzhkov and Gromov help investors were only political in nature and to date have not been met,” – said a member of the Association of defrauded investors, general director of OOO “Inkvartstroy” Igor Grigoryan. He is confident that Mayor Luzhkov went to meet citizens fear that the federal government will create a commission that will bring it to light. “