The builders did not fulfill the plan for a square meter

The builders did not fulfill the plan for a square meter

In 2006, construction workers and even built a shelter more than a year ago, but were not able to invest in the planned volumes. According to the published data of the Regional Development Ministry, the national project “Affordable Housing” was implemented by 97%, and the Federal Target Program (FTP) “Housing” – by 95%, according to “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”.

All builders have handed over a little more than 48 million square meters. meters of housing, which is 10.3% more than in 2005. However, “it has not affected in any significant on the price of housing in the primary and secondary market” – said Deputy Minister of Regional Development Vitaly Shipov on the last Friday sitting of the Russian Trilateral Commission for the regulation of social and labor relations.

On Friday, the same question was raised at a meeting of the State Council in Kazan. “Lets be frank – President Vladimir Putin said at the meeting, – mortgages are still available is not all. Experts estimate that only 10% of the population is able to use the national average mortgage loan to buy an apartment or house. Moreover – Accessibility housing for so-called low-income groups of the population is reduced. Including due to “run-off” from the market of low-cost housing. Moreover, about 2 million families live in run-down and emergency fund. And for many, the prospect of a practical solution of the housing problem, I want to emphasize – In practice, almost completely absent. ”

Analysis of the data from the subjects of the Russian Federation said that the housing supply still falls far behind the demand. This leads to a significant overestimation of prices, “washing out” of cheap housing. According to surveys, are still not satisfied with their living conditions, more than 60% of the population, according to the documents of the meeting.

FTP also narrowly missed “home”, which is being implemented since 2002 and aims to help low-income citizens. Recall that its second phase, for the period 2006-2010, has been adjusted at the beginning of last year with the national project “Affordable and Comfortable Housing – to Russian citizens.” Implementation of the second phase of the FTP, in particular, would increase the volume of housing construction by 2010 to 80 million square meters. meters per year, improved housing 314,000 families by providing cost housing subsidies, increase in mortgage lending, reducing the time of the citizens in the queue for housing. In addition, a number of targets aimed at meeting the need of the individual subgroups.

Spikes acknowledged that the task of providing housing for certain categories of people raised in the national project “Affordable and Comfortable Housing – to Russian citizens” in 2006, could not be realized in full. “In many cases we are not able to solve the problems that set ourselves, and in some cases, have decided not to end”, – he said. According to him, the national project involved the provision of housing in 2006, 27.8 thousand of young families, and provided 21.4 million (77% of the plan). For these purposes in the federal budget was provided 2.1 billion rubles., And transferred 1.87 billion rubles.

Commenting on the situation, the general director of consulting company Rway Alexander speckled noted that the provision of social security with the new Housing Code effectively minimized. “This document was originally posed this problem, which is not a secret,” – he said. As for rule-making, and it is this stage is still not completed the process of implementation of the FTP, it has not yet adopted legislation that had been a so-called integrated approach in adopting the so-called housing package of 27 bills in December 2004.