Russians are actively buying property abroad

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The rapid growth in property prices in Russia, especially in the capital and other major cities, as well as an increase in income leads to the fact that the Russians have increasingly turned to buy it abroad. This does not mean that our people are moving in large numbers abroad. Those who wanted to leave have already left, and, increasingly, buy or rent apartments, houses, country houses, etc. treated as the acquisition of additional living space as a “summer cottage” to stay, and profitable investment, RBC reports.

The acquisition of foreign real estate is something exotic and accessible only thin layer rich and pop stars is a factor market. Although, of course, with a skinny wallet (not 20-30 thousand euros) to pick up something worthwhile unlikely. According to various estimates, in 2005, Russians actively outfit overseas property. Purchases was 25% more than in the previous year, and experts say the sustained demand.

The most interesting recent trend of foreign investment in real estate for profit. It would seem not it be easier to put such money in Russia, particularly in Moscow, where the growth in housing prices by about 10 percentage points ahead of last year, the growth leader in demand – London? Experience shows that it is not easy: many fear associated with increased risk is clear overheated market and widening rumors of a “bubble”, ready to burst at any moment.

90% of those who purchase a house abroad, interested in putting it out, told the TV channel RBC CEO of Avenue Property Larissa Horev. Here we should distinguish two trends: a rapid but risky, to profit from the money invested, or a small, but stable and secure income. According to the expert, in this case it depends on geography. European countries tend to provide lower risk, but do not give high returns. You can generally expect that the prices there will grow steadily, but not more than 4-7% a year. At the same time, exotic countries in Latin America and Africa can provide very fast and a good profit, but guarantees security of investment is less political and economic instability, the possibility of banking crises.

Quick profits associated with the rates of governments on tourism development, which encourages rapid growth of the real estate market, and the prices are an order of magnitude lower than in Europe, which attracts risk people. In recent years, in this area the most interesting Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. Interest in real estate in South-East Asia after the tsunami, justifying projections down, but in general, the region is not popular with our compatriots from non-mortgage loans.

That credit factor, according to experts, it is of interest to motor inonedvizhimosti as businessmen and private clients prefer not to spread the full amount of the whole, and to use a mortgage. And that, as a rule, low interest rates, good facilities and the ease of obtaining credit, especially in Europe. Although, according to analysts, the number of Russian owners there only about 10-12% of all foreign owners, due to the high prices. According to the head of the company Lemestia Sergei Kozlov, perhaps a mortgage loan for different terms, a maximum of 15 years, and the amount that is about 70% of the property value. The interest rate varies depending on the currency in which the loan is taken, and today it is more profitable to take the euro – in this case, the rate is about 4.5% per annum.

But experts advise not to relax when buying a home, even in developed countries, and, using the services of local lawyers who specialize in helping foreigners and often to ensure the purity of the transaction, all re-examine themselves. So, Horev, cited the case when the family bought a plot of land in Cyprus to the villa for a relatively small amount, which is very happy until the moment when suddenly it became clear that in this area have the right to pass the so-called “summer show.” Initially, the family was shocked, but then, the truth, even benefited by opening a restaurant for guests.

In addition, in some countries, for example in the UK, the services of realtors, lawyers, banks are included in property values. But in Italy in the price simply indicate the apartment, and when buying a customer finds out that he has to pay the VAT, notary fees, services of realtors. And in the end it turns out that the amount of the purchase, plus another at least 30 percent. Buying property, for example, in Cyprus, people pay state fees it ranges from 3% to 8% of the property value. There is a so-called stamp duty – is to register the contract with the land office, but the amount is small.

In the three leaders of Cyprus is not included. It firmly established the French Cote dAzur, London, the absolute leader on all “fronts” – square meter below four thousand euro does not fall in any of the areas, and in the central steady at around 10 euros and more and even Spain, which began to specialize in the construction of luxury housing. Our countrymen are beginning to buy a villa in Spain, in preference to the French, because the content will be cheaper. Except Cyprus, more “democratic” is a segment of the Adriatic region and pacified the Balkans: Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, etc.

Except in countries with a warm climate and high quality of life, attract the attention of Russians as investments in real estate near the ski resort, and even in the island. According to Horeb, in practice they have a case of sale of the company rossiyaninu island in the Seychelles. The market is also divided island into segments: you can buy near Croatias 30,000, and a 10 million dollars in the Maldives, the Seychelles or the Caribbean. A lot depends on the location, climate, size, infrastructure, he deserted, live in it for a wild tribe, or it is developed, there is a hotel with which the owner of the island in the future can make a profit. Buy island is connected not only with the high price, but with great difficulty in the design. Because there is no demand on the islands themselves, and the accommodation there except Cyprus, this Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Mallorca, Ibiza, Sardinia. In the course of the real property and artificial islands. Thus, buyers of apartments on Palm Jumeirah man-made island in the Persian Gulf in Dubai – 90% from Russia and CIS countries.