Real estate segment is gradually becoming a “buyers market”

Real estate segment is gradually becoming a “buyers market”

New trend among developers – different customer bonuses. Given the high cost of real estate that came to the apartment of gifts do not play the role of incentives to purchase, as in the case of consumer goods, and do exactly incentive function. However, the budget is spent on such events, is calculated impressive amount, and for a long time, the company did not feel justified in such spending. For example, GC “MIAN”, promoting their sites in the market, holds interesting stocks. In one of them the famous complex of apartment buyers “Director” in February, went to Berlin International Film Festival “Berlinale 56″, which, by their own accounts, was not only a perfect holiday, but also contributed informally establish friendly relations with future neighbors.

On the eve of the New Year starts another action, also is associated with the name of the sold object – “Apartment Northern journey.” All buyers of apartments residential complex “North Park” (pay at least 30% of the cost by 31 December) receive a gift – entertaining tour in the Finnish Arctic. Rovaniemi, where the protesters will go to one of the weekends of February, loved by tourists all over the world, primarily because it is situated directly on the Arctic Circle, it is considered the birthplace of Santa Claus and fairy capital of Lapland.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg, the main consequence of a “buyers market” – the growth of housing quality standards. The buyer of the “new format” is quite clearly is how much should be this or that office and what characteristics it should then enjoy. Obviously, from the developers need a more precise positioning of the real estate segment. Now the most confusing situation, probably, from the supply of housing in the so-called “business class.” Everywhere can be observed that, on the one hand, this category includes objects that are clearly not up to the level required by their characteristics, on the other hand, is often a “business class” trying to pass off as “elite”. And in fact, in both cases, this leads to an inadequate increase in prices, and, therefore, adversely affect the interests of consumers.

So, on what grounds can include housing for a particular class? Not to be unfounded, we give a clear example of a successful match aggregate characteristics of housing, “business class” and, therefore, money. This is the already mentioned residential complex “North Park”, which is being completed in the SAO (delivery scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2007). On the territory of about 4 hectares be located three blocks from the 2-6-bedroom single-level and duplex apartments, ranging in size from 56 to 240 square meters. m, provides underground parking and guest parking lots. Apartments will be sold in a “shell and core” architecture interior provides innovative solutions. Originally, the house provides quality engineering systems, saving maintenance costs and brings nearer the settlement complex. But perhaps the most important advantage of the “North Park” – location. It is close to the Leningrad highway, bordering the Khimki Reservoir and historic forested area “Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo.” From the windows of most of the apartments offer spectacular views of the water landscapes, parks or the perfect perspective of Moscow, in many apartments managed to combine several types of review.

Despite the impressive “set of” good solutions, today “North Park” – an object is the business segment. More recently, this level of the apartment was not difficult to sell at the “elite” price, because customers were spoiled for quality supply. According to experts, the decisive argument in favor of the inclusion of the object to a category – location and infrastructure, without which the people who will eventually live there, can not be truly comfortable. Ignored and security solutions area, and parking, and the existence of an intelligent building, and architecture, and more. For example, a house outside the Garden Ring The classic definition can not be considered elite objects, as well as just a quality brick-monolithic new building can not be considered a business class. Even now, when the consumer market still in its infancy, these arguments become apparent.

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