Middle class chooses solitude and relaxation hotels by the hour

Middle class chooses solitude and relaxation hotels by the hour

Moscow had never been famous for a wide selection of hotel services, following the demolition of “Intourist”, “Moscow” and “Russia”, the situation is particularly acute. In the past, the Muscovites are not allowed to spend the night or a few hours in the hotel of the city. Demand for hotels in Moscow that year breaking records.

Last year, for example, the occupancy rate of hotels even “off-season” at times reached 100%, and that with prices ranging from 170 to 450 dollars a day. You can save by removing the room for a few hours, provided new in Moscow hotels on the hour. The proposal was in demand, as the desire to retire there, it turned out that many. But to realize these desires is not at all, said, “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”.

Hotel “in the subject”

Most of all, in this situation affects the middle class who can not afford an expensive hotel, but do not want to spend time in the “bug-infested”. Most of the hotels room rates of less than 80 dollars a day is a hotel built in the Soviet era by the standards of modest demands of the Soviet citizen. However, many of them for all of its existence were only minor cosmetic repairs. Even less in hotels offering rooms by the hour. The so-called love-hotels have appeared in Moscow recently and immediately gained wide popularity in the narrow circles. Demand for “hotels for adultery” is much greater than the supply. Administration of love-hotels urges potential customers to book rooms in advance.

It is fair to note that the level of service and comfort in such hotels often far from five-star, but the value in another. If the number to shoot for a few hours, it will be cheaper than in the hotel of the same class for a day. For the average middle manager who needs this shelter several times a month, or even a week, it is very significant. Also, some hotels offer guests a wide selection of accessories for fans of “thematic” relations and extreme sex. But despite the fact that the demand for such services is high, the possibility of formally hourly say not many. Here we can mention four hotels network “Podushkin” in different parts of the city, the hotel “Pogosti.Ru” about ENEA, “toucan” next to the metro station “Lenin Square” and “Love-Hotel” in Tverskoy Boulevard.

There are a few mini-hotels, equipped with multi-room apartments in the center of Moscow, and an unspecified number of one-bedroom apartments, hotels are also located in the city center. In addition, the specialized sites on the Internet you can find mention of the fact that in some hotels (mostly old Soviet hotel) staff trades that rents rooms for a couple of hours informally. As a rule, in the second round run number from which the guests left early.

Rack for an hour

Most of the “hotel for a day” does not stand out among their daily counterparts: small rooms with minimal furniture and combined bathroom. There are, however, and “suites” with huge beds, fireplaces and Jacuzzi shower stall instead. However, customers often found among those who see the hotel on the hour to as a brothel. For these online mini-hotel “Love-Hotel”, for example, says, “do not offer sexual services.” The administrator will certainly ask at the registration, but your guest can stay incognito. For accommodations in the “Podushkino” for example, must have a passport with residence in Moscow, the Moscow region, or temporary registration. In this case, the hotel assures that the provided data will not be transmitted and can be claimed only by law enforcement personnel, and only when the search of the person.

There are among the love-hotels and such facilities that fully meet their name. In 2004, the hotel chains “Podushkin” opened erotic fetish hotel “Temptation”. The rooms in this hotel, located in the center of Moscow on Christmas Boulevard, offer the greatest opportunity for lovers of unconventional sex, and especially fans of BDSM. The hotel has six large rooms, two of which are similar to the torture chamber. Here, there, “St. Andrew” cross for the crucifixion, rack, shoe, forged cells bench for flagellation, whips, poles for fixing, hanging on chains bed, sex swings and even an examination table with the medical equipment. The cost of such exotic ranges from 390 to 1100 rubles. per hour. It should be noted that these prices are only slightly higher than in the other love-hotels.

As stated by the NG in the Moscow Association of hotels and tourist organizations “Mosturotel” among members of the association are hotels by the hour, but all of these companies are working on transparent financial and legal schemes. According to the president of the association, Vladimir Polyakov, one of the conditions of entry to the association – is going through all the registration authorities and obtaining all necessary licenses. “Anonymous, that is a violation of the rules for registration of guests, we have considered as a violation of customer service – says the president” Mosturotelya. “- I really can not vouch for all the staff of our hotel #.

It is no secret that the hotels for an hour in demand not only for couples deprived own territory for meetings, but also the consumers of commercial sex. But wrong to think that every kind of hotel is a brothel. As explained to NG in the Moscow police, hotels on the hour is no different from the others, and the choice of the venue depends solely on the clients solvency. Consequently, the law all hotels are equal, and the only thing that can be presented to their owners, it pritonosoderzhanie. However, the police department said that the hotel did not reveal a possible connection with a member of the oldest profession, and if such a relationship exists, it is almost impossible to prove.

However, in practice, is not a license makes the hotel the hotel. Those who wish to retire anonymously to a couple of hours can easily find a place in Moscow. To do this, just go to the quarter of an hour on the Internet. A little patience, and youve got a “quiet and safe place for couples close to the metro.” The hosts provide “complete anonymity, no documents and collateral.” Apartment for 2 hours will cost 1,200 rubles, on the night – 1500 rubles. On Friday and Saturday prices are higher – 2000 rubles. Less expensive rooms – 900 rubles for 2 hours and 1,300 rubles for the night.

For fans of country holiday “Strictly for Two”, or who want to save there cozy houses studios outside Moscow. Suburban haven offers the same facilities as the city apartments, including renovation, heated floors and secure parking. These mini-hotels and make up the competition, “hotels for an hour.”