Media studied the “palace Medvedev” in Anapa, who built his classmates and “friends of Putin”

Media studied the “palace Medvedev” in Anapa, who built his classmates and “friends of Putin”

Following the Black Sea, “Putin palace” was discovered a few built palaces, which are associated with President Dmitry Medvedev. As in the case of “Putins object”, all surrounded in mystery and full of contradictions. Information from open sources and documents, which can be accessed, or is no comment officials or disproved. In the Presidents Property Management Department has denied involvement, although the names of its head Vladimir Kozhin, and his deputy appear on the project. In trying to understand what is happening, “Novaya Gazeta.”

One of the main “Medvedevs palaces” mansion called the reserve Big Utrish in Anapa, a project that by “code” name “fitness center” has recently appeared on the web. For example, some can read it on the website “Kompromat.Ru”, but it is noteworthy that a hyperlink to the original materials, including online “Live Kuban” or the Forestry Department website Krasnodar region do not work – it is reported that these pages are no longer exist.

Details of the project were also posted on the website “Environmental Watch on North Caucasus”, but these links to documents, photos and videos, too, do not act. However, a screenshot from the website of the Department of Forestry is saved on the portal “Greenpeace Russia.”

- The object is associated with exposure of corrupt Olympic construction in Sochi
- The media counted secret “palaces tandem”: there were more than twenty

For the architectural solution of the complex in the Big Utrish very reminiscent of “Putins Palace Praskoveevka” near Gelendzhik, the newspaper continues. The project assumes that it must be equipped marina and helipad. Towards the very palace must conduct two roads – these are the security requirements of the Federal Security Service.

As has found out edition, the history of this building began in 2008 when, in July Kuban Forestry Department has concluded a lease area of 120 ha with the foundation of the regional non-profit project “The Gift.” Land transferred for 49 years, and the rental price was 15 million rubles a year. After construction began, laying roads and cutting of trees, environmentalists protested, and the project was delayed.

In the construction somehow involved old friends of Putin and Medvedev

The founder of the “gift” is a well-known company “Leviticus” – she owns a share in the second after the “Gazprom” gas producer in Russia – OJSC “NOVATEK”. According to reports, “Novatek” shareholders “Leviticus” is also very well-known people – State Duma deputy Leonid Simanovsky and businessman Leonid Michelson. Among the major shareholders “Novatek” there is a billionaire businessman Gennady Timchenko – one of the so-called “friends of Putin” that fabulously rich after he came to power.

In addition, the position of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, “The Gift” – investor of the construction of the complex in the Big Utrish, according to the documents, the Vice Chairman of the Board “Gazprombank” Ilya Eliseev – a longtime friend of President Medvedev, with whom he studied at the Law Faculty of Leningrad State University, and then being founded JSC “Consulting firm” Balfort. ”

According to the newspaper, Elisha could be considered part of the team and Medvedev at a time when the current president has held leadership positions in “Gazprom” – since his classmate and former business partner worked in structures associated with “Gazprom”.

The collection “The Gift” at all curious gathered company alumni of the Law Faculty of Leningrad University, the article says. Thus, its CEO from 2006 to 2008 was Philip Polanski, who also studied at the Law Faculty of Leningrad State University, and his teacher was that of Elisha.

Another strange intersection fund managers “The Gift” with President Dmitry Medvedev found besides the law department. As it turned out in the Fund LLC “Management Company” The Gift “was located at the same address as the Foundation for Social and Cultural Initiatives (FSKI) First Lady Svetlana Medvedeva, both organizations have even coincided phones.

Deputy Director General FSKI Dmitry Solovyov told “Novaya Gazeta”, which is really a time address “Management Company” The Gift “and FSKI match, but then FSKI was registered at another address.

Object is associated with exposure of corrupt Olympic construction in Sochi

However, because of the security rules imposed by the FSO object heads of state, require multiple access roads, “Management Company” The Gift “- is not the only member of the construction of the road.

General contractor of the fire road to the complex stands and the infamous Ltd. “Harvinter.” This company has gained wide publicity by businessman Valery Morozov, who accused the president of property administration officials to receive kickbacks in tenders for the construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi. Frost in an interview with “Novaya Gazeta” stated that “Harvinter” is closely related to UDP and officials. According to the Federal Register of government contracts, “Harvinter” participated in the renovation and construction of many health centers belonging to UDP, for which he received from the budget of billions of rubles.

Complex on the Big Utrish – not the only project on which the Fund “Gift”, and not the only one that is associated with the name of President Medvedev, the newspaper said. He also owns a mansion Milovka, located in Reach the Ivanovo region. After the foundation bought the estate, these sites are visited by Dmitry Medvedev, forcing local residents to assume from now on they will be neighbors of the president. However, as in other cases, the head of the state property administration edition stated that no construction for the needs of Medvedev was not planned.

In addition, according to government, signed by Putin, the fund “gift” will build a house receive official guests “Psekhako”, located in the ski complex “Gazprom”, where Olympic events will be held in 2014. Several government officials have confirmed the newspaper that in this house during the Olympics President will live and entertain.