In the reconstruction of Pushkin Square without demolition of the surrounding buildings will not do

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In the reconstruction of the Pushkin Square in central Moscow without demolition of the surrounding buildings will not do, found the MC.

According to the newspaper, in the near future will begin dismantling the house, which has recently located the newspaper “Moscow News”. Instead it will be built nine-storey hotel with a total area of 14 thousand square meters of class 4-5 stars, which has been undertaken to invest Oleg Deripaska. The hotel is 110 rooms, as well as all accompanying road recreation infrastructure – underground parking, a restaurant, a fitness center, beauty salon, SPA-center. The project has already been considered twice by the Town Planning Board under the Mayor of Moscow, but still not convinced Luzhkov facade of the new building. At the last meeting, the mayor called them miserable, and sent the architects “still think”.

New hotel is also expected to build in neighboring MH building as the way out of the underground “Chekhov.” According to the MC, it will also be demolished and re-built in the style of the surrounding buildings. In this case, one of the outputs will be connected to the subway hotel lobby, as it has been doing in European cities.

The scandal around the publishing complex “Izvestia”, consisting of 12 buildings with a total area of 50 thousand square meters, was won by the Office of Presidential Affairs. Plans to withdraw typography of the city and in its place build an office center sunk into oblivion, and billboards and forests, closed the building, showed only a large-scale reconstruction of production. Old FSUE by the authorities and “Gazprom” will be converted into a modern publishing house which.

On the other side of Tverskaya Street, in the square in front of McDonalds, last year offered to fill the artificial ice rink. However, the Turks, committed to invest in construction “underground city” total area of 95 thousand square meters, were strongly opposed, citing drilling. Since then, the year has passed, and “gun” so no one undermine. According to the plans between the facade cinema “Pushkin” and Sytinskaya lane investor should build an underground shopping and leisure complex like “Okhotny” parking for 1000 vehicles and road tunnel between Tver and passionate boulevards that will rid the area of perpetual traffic jams. Total investment – $ 150 million.

According to the MC, the project has been stalled because of the risk of failure of the soil and destruction of the foundations of existing buildings.

Much better things are in Moscow restaurateur Andrei Dellosa, built on the site of the demolished estates of Rimsky-Korsakovs three-story Trade Fair Grounds, “Russian Antiquities”, which in the city administration called “Restaurant Molly”. To Admire the high officials of the Russian “Pushkin” and Chinas “Turandot” to add a few ethnic restaurants. One of them, an area of 4 thousand square meters and a capacity of 550 consumers, will be one of the largest food service establishments in Europe.

And finally, with “guns” in place of the failed Basmanny market moves Library. Nekrasov. After the reconstruction of the House Saltykov and recreation area lost buildings of the estate complex is expected to grow to 12 thousand square meters, most of which will take office.