In France, at the request of the Russian real estate arrested the disgraced oligarch Berezovsky by EUR 13 million

In France, at the request of the Russian real estate arrested the disgraced oligarch Berezovsky by EUR 13 million

Prosecutor Generals Office reported to the Council of Federation of the arrest of expensive real estate in France, owned by fugitive Russian politician and businessman Boris Berezovsky. However, on the background of other arrests of their own success of the Russian authorities in the prosecution of disgraced tycoon drab.

As the report of the Prosecutor General, transmitted to the upper house of the Russian parliament, in France arrested Berezovsky property worth around 13 million euros. A total amount of seized property abroad at the request of the Prosecutor General over $ 300 million, reports “Interfax”.

“At the request of the Prosecutor General of Russia in foreign
states the arrest of the property obtained by crime, to
totaling more than 320 million U.S. dollars “, – the report says
Prosecutor Generals Office.

So, to Switzerland seized on cash of $ 300 million, owned by businessman Yuri Nikitin. He was accused of embezzling funds from the companies “SCF” and “Novoship”.

In Ukraine, the property arrested Mikhailov more than $ 8 million dollars, and in Monaco – over $ 1 million dollars in cash in the case of “Volgotanker.” This previously owned Oil Shipping executives “YUKOS”, particularly on controversial charges sentenced Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

In addition, according to the Prosecution, “returned to the victim in
case of “SCF” 55 million U.S. dollars, and the Russian owner -
FSUE “Arcticmorneftegasrazvedka” back to the oil drilling ship
equipment on board the total cost of 1 billion 200 million U.S. dollars.

Note that the major successes of the Prosecutor Generals Office in the years of persecution of Boris Berezovskys too early to speak. In September 2010, the Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika said that overseas found Berezovsky owned assets at 358 million euros. These assets are planned to seize and sell, achieving redress “AvtoVAZ” at least some of the damage automaker Berezovsky for a total of 60 billion rubles.

In 2011, also reported the arrest of “yacht Berezovsky” worth 20 million dollars.

Russian justice “reached out” to Morocco and Thailand

The report of the Prosecutor Generals Office states that “priority is to
maintain the level of participation in the development of the prosecution
international treaties of the Russian Federation, the expansion and modernization of the legal
framework for international cooperation in extradition, legal assistance
criminal cases, the return from abroad of property obtained as a result of
criminal activity. ”

While Russian prosecutors cooperate in criminal
proceedings with foreign partners in more than 70
states. “An important place is occupied extradition and provide
legal assistance in criminal matters, including the issues of return due to
overseas property derived from the commission of crimes, “-

More close cooperation with the law enforcement agencies of the CIS countries, such as Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Belarus. Russian investigators are actively interacting with colleagues from Germany, Spain, France and Switzerland.

Foreign countries for
prosecution in Russia are 213 people, with 18%
the number of candidates is retrieved by the General Prosecutors Office
Minister of Foreign States “distant” countries.

The geography of cooperation in the field of extradition. For example, the extradition of persons in remote Russia to countries like Morocco and Thailand.

Total Russian Prosecutor Generals Office in 2011, examined in 2907
requests for legal assistance to law enforcement agencies of foreign countries. Simultaneously sent abroad 3036 similar requests from Russian
law enforcement agencies.

Case “Sovcomflot”

In December 2010, the Russian Prosecutor Generals Office reported on the decision of the British court to recover $ 60 million from the businessman Yuri Nikitin, in favor of “SCF” and JSC “Novoship”.

“Once it was done in collaboration with lawyers of
“SCF” of December 10, 2010 the High Court of Justice of England
and Wales decided to partially satisfy the civil action and
to recover $ 60 million from Yuri Nikitin “, – the report of the supervisory authority.

The actions of the trader regarded by the court as a fraud, and the former director general of the “SCF” Dmitry Skarga as “unfair
behavior “and” receiving illegal bonuses. ”

The Attorney General noted that its decision British judge
recognized the fairness and reasonableness of the petition of
“SCF” and JSC “Novoship” requirements for a number of transactions and ordered
main defendant, “in fact the main beneficiary of the
transactions “Yuri Nikitin pay the plaintiffs about $ 60 million, as well as
provide cash collateral in the amount of $ 90 million as a guarantee
payment of awards and meet the costs plaintiffs to conduct business in

“Thus, with the already obtained by the plaintiffs in the order
court settlement with a number of the defendants in the amount of compensation for 84.5
million dollars, the total amount of compensation could reach $ 150 million “- note the prosecutors office.

According to the supervisory authority, it was made possible by
active position taken by the Russian Prosecutor Generals Office to protect the rights of victims.
Lawyers in the British courts in 2005 and 2007
were filed civil
claims for damages to companies in the group of “SCF”.

The main persons responsible for causing damage to companies, were
former at that time the main heads of “SCF” and
JSC “Novoship” Dmitry Skarga and Tagir Izmailov, and Director of a subsidiary
OJSC “SCF” in London Yuri Privalov and entrepreneur
Yuri Nikitin, “closely related to Dmitry Skarga personal relationships.”

In addition, active participation in the organization and transactions taking
foreign companies, brokers, bankers and lawyers.
Criminal case on charges of crimes against property
these companies was initiated in 2005 and is in
production of the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee
the Prosecutor of the Russian Federation.

According to the investigation, in 2000, Yuri Nikitin, “created and led
organized group to steal other peoples property “owned by OAO
“SCF” and JSC “Novoship”. The composition of this gang of swindlers also included Dmitry Skarga, Tahir Izmailov, Vladimir Mikhailyuk and Yuri Privalov.

Attackers “sold at reduced prices and shipbuilding contracts
ships, as well as deliberately overstated the size of commissions paid
brokerage firms ordering the construction and sale of vessels. “The damage from this activity exceeded 110 million U.S. dollars.

Perpetrators of criminal transactions were announced in the Prosecutor Generals international wanted list. It later emerged that the defendants in the case are hiding in the UK.

Later Yuri Privalov was arrested in Switzerland and extradited to Russias law enforcement agencies. Testimony them
British court, and the evidence obtained as a result
performance of more than 10 foreign countries aimed at requests
legal assistance, provided the basis for the adoption of a British court decision to extradite.

Attorney Generals office also notes that the recognition by the British court
evidence of fraud in actions Yuri Nikitin “breaks” version of the defendants lawyers, according to which their clients persecuted for political reasons.