Funeral boom in Moscow: Investing in “absolute property” ahead of investing in expensive housing. The Moon is cheaper

Funeral boom in Moscow: Investing in “absolute property” ahead of investing in expensive housing. The Moon is cheaper

150,000 euros for the four square meters – is the price of the grave on one of the central cemetery in Moscow. On the effectiveness of investment business in the death ahead of investment in housing deluxe. Five years ago, prices for elite burials were at least five times less, writes The New Times. In the Moscow mayors office itself decides who buried in the Central Cemetery, and who – no. For the containment of robbing government even introduced a so-called passport for the dead.

Bury “human” within the Ring Road in such cemeteries as Vagankovo, Troekurovsky, Don, Danilovskoe, Vostryakovsky, Kalitnikovskaya was impossible: all 69 metropolitan churchyards are considered “closed”. However, the customer will not be refused, unless the agreement on the price issue.

As has found out The New Times, in one case, “get to” agree for 150 thousand dollars in the other – for 140 thousand in the third – over 80,000 in the fourth – “only” for 65 thousand. In this setting gravestones, making the monument are not included and cost from 50 thousand to 250 thousand dollars (in the latter case involved a famous sculptor).

Note that it is cheaper to send the ashes to the moon – the organization of space funeral cost only 10,000 dollars. It is at times less than the purchase of VIP-room at the Moscow churchyard. Two major international companies have signed an agreement in which all the specified details of the organization of space funeral.

- The Russian law as always Brescia Municipality decides who bury
- Moscow threatens epidemic robbing

The question of why so expensive funeral services, cemeteries ministers answer simply: the demand is great. One official billionaires in Moscow for more than hundreds of millionaires – many thousands. And all right if only individuals competed to see who pays the most. In the last decade, the price keeps rising and due to corporate money, because the organization is not averse to fork out a beloved chief, as well as resources of so-called “friends”.

Funeral thugs and bosses pay, usually “common fund.” Because the best seats in the cemeteries are busy memorials “heroes” criminal battles. Bandit even medium caliber is needed is not a standard plot 3×2, 6 meters, but at least the size of a studio apartment. The price of such graves is over a half a million dollars. And it is even higher if the deceased to be buried themselves on ethnic (eg, Armenian) cemetery or confessional (say, a Muslim), which in the 12 millionth metropolis very few.

Already in 1995, special services (for example, by carrying a coffin in his arms to the place of burial in a Muslim cemetery) cost 2-5 thousand dollars. Now the prices are much higher.

Theoretically, the chance to slow down the price and enter the elite world of the dead for less money is, if we seek proposals from private entities and to take some risks, the newspaper notes. Over the last month the search engine “Yandex” has granted 21,000 requests for buying and selling places in cemeteries. Among the leaders – the portal merry with the slogan “For those who build, sell, buy and live!”

In the “land for cemeteries” some Nina “prodoet magilu (original spelling) on the central avenue of the Don cemetery,” Sergei has a much three disposal options for the most famous graveyards from Novodevichy to Kalitnikovskaya and Elena – grave in the top ten meters Vagankovskoye cemetery columbarium.

But the most amazing thing: the price “privateers” were at times less than the informal proposals cemetery administrations. For a plot to Vagankovo (almost next to Vysotsky) asking just something 20000. And you can go there tomorrow. Options with a “deferred settlement”, for example, since 2012, is even cheaper.

Talking to The New Times reporter owners and “realtors” cemetery property whenever emphasize “the legitimacy of the transaction,” the existence of “well-formed documents.” For them, the grave – a commodity, as a country house, garage or privatized apartments. However, the basic specification shows that sellers are cunning.

“No privatization of Moscow graves, cemeteries, or sections of them was not, – explained in the department to work with the population of the State Unitary Enterprise” Ritual. “- Land for sale (burial sites) in the town cemetery is illegal.”

Inflexibility general rule exacerbated special attitude of the authorities to eminent cemeteries. On the official websites of undertakers has quite official warnings, for example, is: “Be careful! Sale places and sites Vagankovskoye cemetery by definition impossible, this is the most common fraud. All Vagankovskoye cemetery plots and listings included in the total inventory and consist of municipal accounting.”

According to the publication, in fact, no free, backup, and other “criminals” in the Moscow area graveyards gone. It is known that for a funeral famous actor Alexander Abdulov Vagankovskoye, had to cut down the tree and move the pole. However, apart from celebrities, according to the Department of Consumer Market of Moscow, annually on long “closed” city cemeteries bury the average 1500-1600 people.

Russian legislation as always Brescia Municipality decides who can be buried

From the decision of the Moscow government should: “Permission for burial casket in the ground and in the Novodevichy cemetery Vagankovsky and ashes in a columbarium at Novodevichy (except for related graves) must personally approve the mayor of Moscow. Question of burials at other cemeteries department decides the consumer market. priority right granted to veterans, soldiers and combatants, citizens awarded state awards and have services to Russia and Moscow, as well as their families. ”

The lawyer of one of the funeral firm Alexander said that under the above category are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people. Posthumous fate of most city hall officials decide on your own. Not to mention that the department can not quickly check the legality of awards and titles of the dead, let alone determine the degree of “merit” to the country.

Moscow threatens epidemic robbing

The second stream of applicants for elite cemeteries is initiated from below. The “left” burial cemetery administration is often made as a “sister.” Thus in some cases turned into mass graves “communal”, where neighbors completely unfamiliar with life, people in other abandoned graves dug first, and remains in the Moscow trafficked Perepechinskoe Cemetery – the only graveyard where they bury unidentified and unclaimed dead.

And are particularly enterprising individuals with the status of “responsible for the grave.” Some agree to “share a room” alien to the relatives of the deceased (and, hence, the falsification of documents), others are ready to dig up the bones of their ancestors and bring them to hell, just to profitably sell grave. Happened in Moscow privatization graves – and the city will flood epidemic robbing.

In February 2008, the Moscow government supported the idea of the head of the Department of Consumer Market and Services Vladimir Malyshkova establishing central control of the ritual service and administration in all graveyards ePassport burial. This means that each of the deceased and the grave will be your reference number – such as a passport, as a living person. However, the shortage of places in the capitals graveyards no rooms decide.

Moscow – perhaps the only one of the capitals of the world, in which there is no master plan construction of new cemeteries. Land needed for commercial housing. A rest after death will have in the next subject of the Federation – Moscow region.

Now Odintsovo district near the village built a new hawk the Holy Assumption Cemetery 250 thousand graves, while in Moscow a year die 100120tys. people. It is easy to imagine that his legal opportunities enough for a few years.

However, in contrast to the famous graveyards in the city reserve land – even for themselves, even under all the family – the regional vault is already possible. Forward-thinking citizens believe that the price of the graves of 10 to 80 thousand years from now pyatdesyat seem laughable. And they will be right, the paper concludes.