FAS allowed “prana” to buy property Yukos

FAS allowed “prana” to buy property Yukos

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) on Monday agreed to LLC “Prana” to make a deal to acquire the assets of Yukos, “Interfax” referring to the message of the FAS.

FAS previously demanded that “Prana” to disclose information about its shareholders, threatening to block the deal. Simultaneously Antimonopoly Service has extended the review of an application to the transaction before August 2, which is outside the scope of the order of the auction.

Recall Ltd. “Prana” May 11, won the auction for Yukoss Moscow offices, offering $ 100.09 billion rubles lot with a starting price of 22.07 billion rubles, which is several times more expensive than the market value. The auction lasted intermittently for nearly three hours, in the course of trading participants – “Prana” and represents the interests of “Rosneft” Company “Oil-active” – made a record number of steps – 707. Auction price appraisers consider unreasonable, but the “Rosneft” assures that the asset is worth the money.

Public information about the owners of “prana” and sources
finance the deal is still there. According to the newspaper “Kommersant” buyer of the most expensive real estate in the world can relate to the structures of “Gazprom”.

The most attractive asset in Lot N 13 – 22-storey building
Yukos headquarters in Moscow Dubininskaya street near
Paveletsky station. Office space on the street is 28.6 Dubininsky
ths. meters. System integrator “Sibintek” equip this
construction of the concept of “intelligent building”, which implies
ensure interaction of life support systems, management
equipment, protection and transmission of information. The office was 1.3 Suitable
thousands of jobs and laid about 400 km of cable networks.

In addition to the 100% owners share of the central office of LLC “Dubininskaya”
for auction 77.4% stake in OOO “United Research
and development “, located on Leninsky Prospekt in Moscow. Also
addition, in the lots included in the 61% of “Economics Research Institute Aviation
Industry “(owns the building in Ulan alley), and a 100% stake
“TopMaster-Realty” (a complex of buildings on a suburban road and Little Tula
street). In addition, the sale of shares were displayed in different sizes
trading and management companies Yukos.

As stated in the report of FAS, the review petitions
received from the “Prana” May 2, the agency asked the company information
necessary for decision making, including information on
beneficiaries and the sources of financing of the transaction. “After studying
presented May 25, 2007 information, FAS concluded that
deal to acquire OOO “Prana” of these assets will not
restriction of competition, “- said in a statement.

Meanwhile, earlier in the FAS argued that, regardless of who is the beneficiary of the company, the purchase of its lot number 13, “the restriction of competition will not” because it is mainly a real estate subsidiary of Yukos.

From open sources that the company “Prana” is headed by Vladimir Esakov (he owns 1% “Prana”, the remaining shares owned offshore, registered in the Seychelles). Earlier Esakov worked on one of the projects of members of the Board of Directors of “Gazprom” Boris Fyodorov.

Previously, industry experts expressed to the effect that the FAS is not ready to take responsibility for the deal to 100 billion rubles. in the absence of any clear guidance on the “Prana”. “Apparently, got some hesitation, stalling and FAS – said in an interview with” Kommersant “MDM-Bank analyst Andrei Gromadin. – Usually everything is decided upon before the auction, and if the company admitted, then it stands for what something serious structure. ”

Noteworthy that on May 22 the FAS issued a message that the company “Prana” received more than two months – until August 2 – to agree deal to purchase the lot number 13 of Yukos assets. Officials justified their decision “on the need to further review.” In particular, the report of FAS stated that “the request for information directed to the address” Prana “, has not been served and returned to the FAS by the fact that the destination address register (Bolshaya Pochtovaya, 34, pp. 12) is not found. “