The Ministry of Finance intends to oblige the owners of apartments to pay for the land under the houses

The Ministry of Finance intends to oblige the owners of apartments to pay for the land under the houses

Owning an apartment could soon become quite burdensome not only because of the introduction of a planned, but not yet received a clear legislative registration tax on property. The Ministry of Finance has confirmed that prior to the enactment of the new tax (which should combine taxes on property and land) apartment owners have to pay more tax and land tax. So this fall the Russians will likely come from the tax notice of payment, because in this vitally interested local authorities to be fully tax, according to “Time of news”.

The Ministry of Finance has already tried to study the issue of land tax in respect of the members of condominiums and housing associations. United for the condo residents question of land ownership at first glance seems an afterthought. Theoretically, members of condominium ownership issued the common areas, are entitled to take the entirely legitimate attic and basement for rent. And the money to equip and a car wash in the basement, and a fitness room in the attic. Residents also have the right to renegotiate lease with shop owners have equipped on the first floor of the building, and even evict unwanted tenants.

However, the ownership of the land question is more complicated. Without issuing land rights can not even be home to enclose the fence or put a barrier at the entrance to the courtyard. Here begins complexity. If not held land cadastre, which is particularly important for new buildings, for cadastral land to such a home meeting of tenants have collectively apply to the local administration. Then the land should be put on the tax account. At this stage the design to stay, because condominium in law is not the taxpayer.

Learn from that its a bad experience, the Ministry of Finance, this time decided that the land tax is more logical to charge residents – individuals. Moreover, the Ministry of Finance to collect this tax has hopes for this year. Calculate land tax is the Federal Tax Service – based on the cadastral value of the site and the number of privatized apartments in the house.

In each district the land tax rate is different, but for the land occupied by housing, it can not exceed 0.3% of the cadastral value of the land. In Moscow, this rate – 0.1%. Per square meter apartment, thus, would account for about 15 kopecks. True, the tax calculation will take into account not only the total area of the apartment, but also the size of the conditional premises belonging to the tenant of an apartment building on the right of share ownership.