The Government has developed criteria for the selection of projects under the “Affordable Housing”

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To qualify for the money of the national project, you need to think in the first place is not about the price of a square meter, and the scale of the project – such preliminary criteria for the selection of investment projects developed Rosstroya officials, Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Regional Development. While the most likely to receive budget subsidies have Viktor Vekselberg project “Academic” in Yekaterinburg for 400 billion rubles. and Suleiman Kerimov, a suburban town of “Rublevo-Arkhangelsk” for $ 3 billion, say “Vedomosti”.

However, the new criteria in the agencies continues. While the main criterion – the volume, and, as stated in the proposed rule, the volume of housing construction should be at least 1 million square feet. m, the house should be at least 30% of the construction area. Construction should not be stretched more than 10 years.

Pilot projects, estimated Rosstroya should not be more than ten. Meanwhile, in the agency has already requested a few dozen companies wanting to be pilot. According nachalnikf management development of affordable housing Rosstroya Sergey Barinov, most likely have a “Renova Story Group” (included in “Renova” Viktor Vekselberg) with the project “Academic” in Yekaterinburg, Coalco (company Vasily Anisimov) with the project “Great Domodedovo”, ” Nafta-Moskva “with the project” Rublevo-Arkhangelsk “, Vneshtorgbank (project” New Town “in Chuvashia),” Baltros “(project” Slav “and” New Izhora “),” Old Airport “in Bryansk and the administration of the Kemerovo region with the project “Forest Glade” and several investors from Bryansk, funding a local project “Old Airport”. “The larger the project, so it is the priority,” – explains the choice Barinov. In addition, plays a role, whether investors are willing to invest their own funds. Factor price of housing in the project is not specified. This issue, according to Barinov, “is being discussed.”

Although applicants with one voice promised to reduce the price of housing, the majority of respondents did not mention the level of affordability.

Barinov of Rosstroya hopes the government will adopt the draft resolution before the new year, and the selection will be able to hold up to 31 March 2007.

Builders have something to fight for. Total funding of the national project “Affordable Housing”, according to the Ministry of Regional Development, in 2006-2010 will amount to 902.4 billion rubles, including the federal budget – 239.8 billion rubles. Pilot investment projects, according to a draft resolution may be eligible for interest rate subsidies on loans and state capital investments. The budget will be financed by the available infrastructure construction outside the residential areas (power line, substation, gas pipelines, highways, etc.) and social facilities (schools, kindergartens, hospitals and road networks). It often happens that these costs are borne by the investors and, at best, partially offset by the city authorities.