The city authorities intend to make profitable sales in the city of Muscovites

The city authorities intend to make profitable sales in the city of Muscovites

Moscow government will consider the program “Muscovites – affordable housing,” which involves ensuring affordable housing waiting list as well as other citizens, the head of the department of housing policy and housing capital Peter Saprykin.

This medium-term program being coordinated in the structural units of the Moscow government, P.Saprykin said at a news conference at the information center of the city administration. However, he did not specify what measures will be provided by the program.

His deputy Nikolai Fedoseyev said after the press conference, journalists, the authorities want to make a profitable sale of apartments in Moscow is the Muscovites, and not from other cities. “Its no secret that many of the apartments are bought not Muscovites. We want to create conditions so that everyone, including vendors, cost was interested to sell apartments is Muscovites” – quoted Fedoseeva “Interfax”.

In addition, Saprykin at the press conference said that due to the implementation of the “Muscovites – affordable housing” the authorities want to reduce the old queue for housing improvements (those who took the place by March 1, 2005 – the date of the new Housing Code) to 10 years.

So far, according Saprykin, flats are the ones who got to turn on the 86th, inclusive, of the “priority waiting” apartments are the ones who stood up to the turn of the 88th, inclusive, and the “old vneocheredniki” get flats under the program in this year.

In addition, Saprykin reported that the department of housing policy has a number of proposals in connection with the fact that next year in Moscow declared the “Year of the Child.” In particular, he said, the city has a program to ensure that all large families with five or more children, comfortable housing. This year will have 112 apartments of 260 such families. “The program was designed for three years, but we want the next year to house them all,” – said the official.

In addition, he said, the department is proposing to increase the age limit for members of the “Young family – affordable housing” 35.

Currently in the queue for housing improvements worth 193,750 families. In this March 1, 2005, the whole queue 178,000 families.