Tax authorities want to check incomes from rental housing

Tax authorities want to check incomes from rental housing

Next year promises to tax to pay close attention to is the citizens themselves, if they have information about the evasion of income tax, including by renting the apartments, according to “Time of news”.

Calculate the firm, practicing “gray” wages are not a problem: the difference between the average industry wages and salaries of officials in enterprises and has an approximate indicator of “envelope” salaries. The problem is in the collection of evidence. For this it is necessary to catch the employers outstanding salary, arm, or gather testimony of several employees and to initiate proceedings in court. The vast majority of such cases in court collapsed.

However, the “conversation” tax brought some success. How to assure the Federal Tax Service, in firms whose managers have had to appear at the commission, official salaries have increased eight to ten times. Increased wages to the cost of living and higher, according to statistics of the Tax Service, 334 thousand taxpayers, or 67% of all heard by employers.

In the first months of the new year tax plan to expand testing and start inviting for explanations representatives of firms, in which wages and even higher cost of living, but still lower than the industry average. Separate tax will follow and for taxpayers – individuals. How to assure the tax office in the future, special attention will be paid to the taxation of income from the rental of premises, income earned abroad, and collection of the income tax, for whatever reason, could not resist and are not listed by the employer.

As pointed fiscals, the penalty for illegal business (just so qualifies systematic renting apartments for rent tax-free) is punishable by a fine of 30 to 50 thousand. However, as in the case of “gray” wages, the tax will be rather difficult to gather evidence to support the systematic delivery of the apartment: if tenants present themselves relatives of the owners occupying the floor space free of charge, to catch them otherwise no one can. So the only way to fight for the “apartment” taxes can only be the same trust “talk” to the Commission. On which, however, a citizen under the law are not obliged.