State Duma refused to impose a ban on foreign bank accounts and real estate officials

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State Duma refused to impose a ban on foreign bank accounts and real estate officials. The relevant amendments to the law “On the State Civil Service of the Russian Federation” prepared deputies of the “homeland”, and independent MPs.

One of the bills authors Boris Vinogradov said of opportunities to place their funds in foreign banks, as well as to buy property abroad – is a recipe for corruption. Moreover, he said, should be banned civil servants have foreign bank accounts and real estate “in order to prevent possible influence on public officials of foreign states.”

Vinogradov urged his fellow parliamentarians “first step” towards the fight against corruption and abuse of his position of authority, than, thinks, suffers from power.

Initiative of the deputy of the faction “Rodina” supported his fellow faction, as well as representatives of other opposition factions. According to the Communist deputies, in the civil service to restore order. They also oppose the fact that officials had accounts in foreign banks and real estate in foreign countries.

According to the deputy of the faction “Rodina” Andrei Saveliev, the ability to have real estate and accounts abroad allow officials to “do whatever you want and hide money abroad.” “This is a direct betrayal of the interests of the state” – believes Saveliev.

Disagreed MP from the faction “United Russia” Pavel Voronin. He noted that a property or accounts abroad, it is not a crime. “Crime, when an officer receives a bribe,” – said Voronin. “If he puts money received through bribes, the real estate in Russia – is not that a violation of the law?” – Said the deputy.

According to the relevant committee – on Federation Affairs and Regional Policy – the proposed bill violates the constitutional rights of citizens, RIA “Novosti”. “Restrictions on the individual rights of citizens may be due to performance of professional duties, but only to the extent that it is necessary for the protection of the constitutional system, morality, health, rights and lawful interests of other persons, the defense and security of the state”, – said the deputy chairman Committee Lev Korshunov.

He also stressed that, in accordance with the Constitution, every citizen has the right to own property, to own, use and dispose of. However, he recalled that, in accordance with the law on civil service, civil servants are required to provide information about themselves and their family members, as well as information about its revenue and its property. This information may also be published in the media.

Allocation of funds abroad is regulated by both domestic and international law. In addition, the mere presence of foreign bank accounts or property abroad can be a sufficient basis for concluding that the official duties of civil servants can influence foreign governments, said Korshunov.

Following discussions with the necessary 226 votes supported the bill only 95 deputies, the lone dissenter.