St. Petersburg protest the 300-meter “Gazprom” opposite Smolny

St. Petersburg protest the 300-meter “Gazprom” opposite Smolny

For the construction of a complex of office buildings in St. Petersburg “Gazprom” has acquired Petrozavod industrial area, opposite the Smolny Convent upstream Neva Okhta Bridge. According to the Chairman Alexey Miller and Governor Valentina Matviyenko There should be a “architectural masterpiece” and, introducing competition, Miller and Matvienko indicated their desire to see this place skyscraper 300 meters.

Petersburg architects turned to gradonachalnitse to refrain from the idea of building construction. According to local experts, a skyscraper three times the St. Isaacs Cathedral is hovering over the city and destroy its appearance, the newspaper “Kommersant”.

It should be noted that the competition for the design of “Gazprom City” involved the most authoritative global architects – entirely top stars: Daniel Libeskind (winner of the skyscrapers on September 11 in New York), the Pritzker Prize laureate Rem Koolhaas, Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron (builders Tate in London), Massimiliano Fuksas, the creator of the new Milan fair, and Sir Richard Rogers, one of the authors of the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Russian architects to participate in the competition were not present.

Condition to build a skyscraper in the job is not directly stated, but Miller and Matvienko said that the building should be one of the landmarks of the city to be noticeable. In response, the St. Petersburg architect addressed an open letter to the governor.

The letter states that the new skyscraper hovering over the city and destroy its appearance. It will double the spire of Peter and Paul Fortress and three times the dome of St. Isaacs Cathedral.

The skyscraper will be completely dominate the entire area Big Neva. Next to him, all of the dominant high-rise will be toys. Skyscraper built in the fortress Nienschanz, where construction is prohibited by federal law, and in the area where the limiting height of buildings in accordance with the planning regulations of St. Petersburg is limited mark of 48 meters.

However, according to “Kommersant”, if the project is approved by the federal and regional authorities, and such an important building can not be built without such approval, the laws can not prevent the builders.

Planning regulations can change the governors decision, and to cancel a particular location of the law on protection of monuments, rather a government. So in the event that Western architects decide to design a skyscraper, and he will like the government of the country and the city, in St. Petersburg, you may receive a 300-meter tower “Gazprom”.