Sex for shelter. Wealthy New Yorkers offer free stay with them in exchange for love

Sex for shelter. Wealthy New Yorkers offer free stay with them in exchange for love

For those who are looking for apartments for rent in New York, there was a great opportunity to get into a comfortable apartment or house for free. What they want from their landlords of tenants, it is a bit of carnal love. Police called the practice illegal, but no one so far not arrested.

“Housing Problem” in New York is very serious. The cost of housing – his or leased – in one of the most expensive cities in the world reaches incredible heights, and some residents of American cities have decided to cash in on this issue, to satisfy their sexual needs.

Increasingly popular internet sites displaying ads on search and supply of housing, began to appear unusual “favorable” ads. Landlords offered absolutely free to live in their apartments or homes in exchange for a sexual relationship.

Most people still hide their desire for elegant euphemisms. “Take care of my needs and and you can live for free. All you have to do is to satisfy my every whim. For this, I will let you absolutely free to live in my apartment with one bedroom,” says the proud owner of a three family house in the Bronx new listings

Another landlord minced no words. In its announcement, he refers to the “obedient women who want to rent a room for free.” He writes: “I am just looking for an attractive, cheerful and obedient woman that will not confuse my suggestion to replace the rent on a sexual relationship.”

In its announcement, the 33-year owner of the apartment in Brooklyn, adding that he has a TV, DVD-player, computer with Internet access and a telephone. The owner is ready to be generous, “I do not want money, I just want to share my house with a woman who would be able to repay me for my generosity.

One of those who offer such a symbiosis, explains why he is forced to tie such a strange relationship: “Im tall, fit, neat, honest, kind man with a good reputation and character. But since I work a lot, I do not have time for traditional relationship. ”

Correspondents of the New York newspaper The Daily News tried unsuccessfully to contact the authors of ads and asked to comment on a new realtor, intimate trend in the police. Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne said that this practice is very similar to the inducement to prostitution, criminal offense.

“To offer or request sex for financial or any other illegal remuneration” – said Browne. However, the New York Police Department did not hold any such lessor. Brown did not say how many cases have been investigated, but said that most often it is just a “no more than the usual voyeurism, which in fact does not lead to surrender the apartment in exchange for sex.”