Residents of the Far East are buying up real estate in China

Residents of the Far East are buying up real estate in China

While the authorities are thinking about how to return the compatriots from Russia leaving indigenous people. Instead of Europe and America, the population of Siberia and the Far East are aimed at China, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. Residents of the Far East began to buy an apartment in the Chinese bank. This is due to low housing prices in China. For example, a square meter of housing in Blagoveshchensk sold for $ 1,000, and on the next bank in the Chinese city of Heihe – an average of $ 200.

According to CP, one resident of the Annunciation, sold for 1.2 million rubles his studio “Khrushchev”, bought for 600 thousand renovated two-bedroom apartment in Heihe, and the remaining money to live well. In Blagoveshchensk one kilogram of beef costs 200 rubles and 45 rubles in Heihe. Signs in Heihe translated into Russian, almost all of the local population speaks Russian. For the homesick opened two restaurants “Putin.” Some blagoveschentsy from Visa Waiver going to live in Heihe, a ride to work in Blagoveshchensk.

“Youll see, – said Sergey Sivokon military pensioner – if Cupid over a bridge was built, now half of the residents of Blagoveshchensk would Heihe apartment. And I among them: and what I still do, if, having served in the Army 25 years and becoming a lieutenant colonel, Im nine years old standing in line for housing certificate? “.

“Russian expansion in China – this is not a joke, this is a phenomenon,” – says the newspaper. This is due to the incredible economic leap of China. The first to feel the prospect of representatives of state companies, of which subsequently grew a solid business clan. These bearings about five thousand “shuttles”, gradually creating around Beijing market Yabao Lu a Russian city – with restaurants, shops, discos and other beauty. Humanitarian intelligentsia went to the city and Vertinsky Lundstrem – Shanghai, and technical – in Guangzhou.

At the moment, Chinas great to foreigners. For a white man in Asia have traditionally treated with reverence. But there are drawbacks – the peculiar ideas about the culture of the Chinese behavior in the streets and the lack of political freedoms.