Prosecutor Generals Office requested Antimonopolschiki deal with real estate prices

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Law enforcement agencies have decided to help the national project “Affordable Housing.” Six months later, during which the Moscow real estate market recorded an unprecedented rise in prices, prosecutors asked the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) test developers for collusion. FAS ordered to make marks whether antitrust laws “in determining the prices of housing erected for possible collusion.”

Although the official statement instructed to check only “construction companies”, the list of suspects caught and officials who are “unreasonably high premium”, and manufacturers of building materials that are responsible for the increased cost of building materials.

As follows from the text of the official statement issued on Friday, August 11 on the official site intrnet Prosecution, the high price of housing in Moscow and the Moscow region and St. Petersburg, blocking the implementation of the national project “Affordable Housing.”

According to prosecutors, “factors affecting the real estate prices are unreasonably high and bonuses and employee benefits organizations associated with the work of the construction group, and increase the cost of construction materials, and the price collusion between construction companies, to elevate housing in these regions “.

Based on that statement, despite the fact that the test should only affect developers activities, prosecutors and sends a signal to others that influence the price situation on the market: officials and manufacturers of building materials. Previously, corruption of officials associated with the construction, and rising prices for construction materials have repeatedly cited as factors contributing to the growth in house prices, but the version of the cartel of builders have not yet appeared.

FAS does not believe in cartel developers

Meanwhile, the FAS does not tend to see growth in real estate prices as price collusion development companies. “We do not see any reason to talk about conspiracy. Problem is that the demand for housing does not meet the proposal. Necessary to develop a proposal, such control measures have, in my opinion, are secondary” – quoted by “Interfax” Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Control and Supervision of Real Estate, Local Monopolies and Housing Michael Evraev.

According Evraeva, territorial bodies of the Antimonopoly Service in the case of FAS should order the government will check the situation with the pricing of housing in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Head of the FAS said that the competition authority did not take any steps to initiate a review prosecutors.

The head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service Igor Artemyev explained how he sees no reason dorozhaniya estate. In his opinion, the high cost of competition and corruption, which form the price associated primarily with the scarcity of land in the city.

“The causes of the monstrous growth in housing prices in Moscow not to be found in the monopolization of the construction market and a shortage of land for construction,” – said Igor Artemyev.

“In Moscow, many construction companies – Artemyev said. – The construction market in Moscow competitive. Problem with land. Where to build? In the air?”

In the allocation of such a scarce areas, according to Artemiev, there are “enormous corruption and bribes.” Fight this chapter antimonopolschikov going to exercise control over public order and land auctions.

Tip Resin

Interestingly, the reason for the Prosecutor Generals Office began active operations are statements of heads of Moscow construction complex Vladimir Resin. “From the speeches of the leaders of Moscow construction complex in the media that the price of newly built housing in these regions of the Russian Federation are clearly too high,” – said in a press release.

Resin has repeatedly expressed his indignation rise in property prices. Particularly active – the last time. “I believe that today house prices mad. They are unsubstantiated, anything, any investment,” – said Resin. However, in his view, such a situation is caused by the housing shortage caused by the fact that “all rushed to Moscow Russia.”

In early August, Resin, circling the capital construction projects, even offered to investors, developers freeze the price per square meter, although the proviso that it can in no way be an order. “We have no right to command them in this matter, – he explained – and only just make recommendations. Today the market is such that buyers rushed to Moscow from all over Russia to buy an apartment and pushed up prices up to the point that, in my opinion, is simply indecent. ”

Apparently, prosecutors decided to find myself a weapon against high prices and decided to take over construction. Predict what will happen in the construction market, if the FAS decided that developers really overstate prices and try to take any active steps to impossible. One version of the builders simply abandon new projects, despite the fact that the deficit in the markets of the two capitals, and so huge.

Compared with 2005, the volume in the primary market fell by 40%. Before the year is planned to be built in the capital of a total of 2.3 million square meters of standard housing, of which the share of the city (urban programs and investment contracts) accounts for 1.4 million square meters.

As a result, the market will get a 1 million square meters of mass, ie, the most accessible, kind of housing. High-rise building while a 25% -30% more expensive than the panel. In this case, solid houses designed for longer and longer being built.