Property Defense Ministry in Moscow “went under the hammer,” for $ 3.5 billion, with virtually no

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Defense Ministry rescued 2 billion 606 million rubles from the sale of
auction military camp on the ruble. At the auction, held Tuesday at the Cultural Center of the Russian army under the leadership of telefeduschego Leonid Yakubovich, the Defense Ministry to sell the company, “Bona-Prodzhik” unused military town on Rublevsky highway. In turn, the “Master-Viners” got possession on voengorodok ul.Levoberezhnoy, reports “Interfax”.

Before bidding Jakubowicz said that, according to official
position of the Defense Ministry, “released military property unpromising
and used by the military department will not. “organizer of the auction was the Russian Federal Property Fund. should be noted that earlier, on April 8, the auction had been postponed due to lack of orders. And this time, the lot was almost at the stated price – initial price it was 2 billion 596 million rubles, and the bid increment – 10 million. Rublevsky highway on a single lot were put up buildings, structures and facilities of the military camp, located at the address: Moscow, Rublevsky highway, 151, and three land area of 23,000 square meters. meters and 12.5 thousand square meters. meters and 85 thousand 946 square meters. meters, ITAR-TASS reported.

Together with the property on the ruble was put up for auction and the military camp number 23/1, located at the address: Moscow, Left Bank street, 6 “a”, and a land area of 28.403 thousand square meters. According to “Interfax”, for this lot to gain for one billion 145 million rubles at an initial rate of 1.140 billion rubles. Auction step was 5 million. The winner of the auction is the “Master-Viners.” In the auction were involved two participants.

Defense Ministry, according to the chairman of the commission for the sale of released military property, a representative Defense Andrei Sidorov, plans to sell auction from 20 to 50 vacant military sites across the country, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad and Vladivostok. All money will be used exclusively for the purchase of permanent housing and construction of social facilities for

According to the Defense Ministry, the implementation of military bases will not affect the states defense of the state, because the auction will be exhibited only immovable property, which, in the opinion of military experts, either now or in the future will not need the military department. But at the same time, it is of interest to commercial entities. Defense estimates that auctions provide maximum transparency of trades and will sell the facility for the highest price.