Progressive tax will take not only for the extra apartments, and for square meters more than the norm

Progressive tax will take not only for the extra apartments, and for square meters more than the norm

The authorities are preparing new Russians “gift” that is comparable only to that of the municipal reform and the notorious 100-percent payment of utility bills. Perhaps in the near future, all the owners of houses and apartments, who have a surplus of housing, will have to pay property tax on a progressive scale, according to the CP. For example, your city social norm of housing – 18 square meters per person. And if the family of two for 60 “squares” that 36 of them are paid at the standard rate of tax, and for the “extra” 24 square meters. meters have to shell out for another, higher price.

The idea to impose homeowners to complete the program was discussed four years ago. But then sank into a stream of important reforms – administrative, monetization. And the Treasury, regularly contributed flow of petrodollars, did not lack for funds.

But then the power set about affordable housing. And its clear that doing so prevented the high and rising price of square footage. Housing construction in the country is not enough, and now enterprising citizens who have money to spare, started to invest in real estate. A man has an apartment, and he buys a second, third.

Zeal to frustrate such investors, government officials and thought of the progressive tax on lodging. This spring, the head of Regional Development Vladimir Yakovlev proposed a differentiated tax depending on the amount held by the citizens in their own apartments and houses. And in late September, the idea of introducing “progressivki” puzzled First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who oversees housing national project. Like, you have to look up the pros and cons.

A few days ago on the need for such a tax, and spoke head of the Presidential Experts Arkady Dvorkovich. True, he was against the tax on a second apartment. That he offered to pay for the excess square meters, and not by the number of people.

Experts interviewed KP, support option Dvorkovich. “Tax on a second apartment not compile – says Konstantin Aprelev, vice president of the Russian Guild of Realtors – because as soon as he entered, a second apartment people will copy to relatives.”

But to tax “excessive” meters is realistic. Family of three, living in “Khrushchev” will pay less than the sole owner of the 100-meter apartment. “The poor are not under such a tax would fall – said Aprelev. – We have a lot of people are living in cramped conditions.”

According to the agent, the introduction of “pometrovogo” tax could increase the supply of housing on the secondary market.

However, other analysts doubt that the progressive tax will force people to voluntarily give up their apartment and look for another – less. If “progressivka” is adopted, those who rents an apartment, simply shuffle grown costs tenants. “And for the wealthy people living in spacious homes and apartments, a tax of several thousand rubles is not important,” – says a leading economist at the Centre for Economic and Financial Research, Irina Denisova.

And invest in housing people will not stop. In Russia, there is nothing else that can be invested in money and in time to return them to a considerable profit. “Once again, we see the substitution of concepts, – says Oleg head Repchenko. – Instead of increasing the rate of housing authorities are trying to artificially limit the demand for non-market and unfair methods. Worldwide State building, the purchase of real estate sponsor, because the industry stimulates the economy “.