Niyazov has selected all properties for Russians in Turkmenistan

Niyazov has selected all properties for Russians in Turkmenistan

Decree of Turkmen President Saparmurat Niyazov to terminate the agreement on dual citizenship between Turkmenistan and Russia, caused a panic. Recall that on April 22, Niyazov signed a decree “On the resolution of matters of termination of dual citizenship between Turkmenistan and the Russian Federation,” in which the citizens residing in the Republic of Turkmenistan, which, in its time, taking advantage of an agreement between Turkmenistan and Russia of 1993, and received the Russian citizenship, now two months to choose which of the citizens of the two states they are. The solution must be reported to the relevant authorities, otherwise they automatically will be left only Turkmen citizenship.

Living abroad dual citizenship holders should come to the Embassy of Turkmenistan and to report on their choice. If they do not, they immediately deprive Turkmen citizenship. In addition, for the period from April 22 to June 22, people with dual nationality, are denied the right to visa-free entry and exit from Turkmenistan.

Panic was the fact that, according to Turkmen law, non-citizens of the country do not have the right to own property, then there are those who will not give up their Russian citizenship are denied an apartment and will have until June 22 to leave Turkmenistan.

Thousands of people living in Russia, immediately left for Ashgabat to deal with the remaining cases, especially with flats and houses that remained there. Real estate, which is already in Turkmenistan cost is not too expensive, was just a penny. Privatized a 4-room apartment on the date in the center of Ashgabat can be purchased for U.S. $ 3,000, whereas a month ago they were more than ten thousand.

According to one of the senior officials of the district administration Kopetdag Ashgabat, “the presidential decree in handy – now a dual national, non-status immigrants, and there are not a few, will be forced to leave the apartment. Since these apartments are considered to be public, they will not be able to sell. ”
However, it was reported that the airport all arrived from Russia met representatives of the NSC (National Security Committee), find out whether a person has dual citizenship in the form of soft offer immediately decide which passport to leave himself.

If a person leaves a Turkmen passport, he was practically closed road back to Russia as to leave Turkmenistan, must obtain an exit visa, which is now almost impossible. If a person leaves a Russian passport, it immediately loses the property in Turkmenistan.

Turkmenistan is currently home to about 100 thousand people having passport of Turkmenistan and the Russian Federation, but chose Russia as their place of permanent residence. Dual citizenship allows these people to easily buy tickets for Russian flights, send their children to study in Russian universities, to visit their relatives and friends. Now Turkmenbashi to this category of citizens down the “iron curtain”, news agency “Prima”.

According to lawyers, in any other country the law is not retroactive, it is an axiom of jurisprudence, but their order in Turkmenistan. And as long as people rushed to buy tickets to Moscow, and in one way.

For check – $ 100, wait – month

Passengers traveling from the Republic on the basis of documents on dual citizenship, had taken off from international flights and to require an exit visa, said “Deutsche Welle”. Increased cost of exit visas to two million (about U.S. $ 100). Term visa – a month after the deposit of the instrument to the Foreign Ministry of Turkmenistan. However, for the submission of documents for a visa in Ashgabat to withstand many thousands living place, which was followed on April 22. Turn is night and day.

Russian Foreign Ministry believes that “this agreement remains in effect”

Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov on April 26 in a telephone conversation with his Turkmen counterpart Rashid Meredov expressed “serious concern about unilateral and hasty actions of the Turkmen party in connection with the termination of the agreement on dual citizenship between our countries.”

, Said Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Yakovenko. According to him, “the Russian side has not yet ratified the Protocol, signed an agreement on dual citizenship by 1993.”

In this regard, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that “this agreement remains in effect,” said the diplomat. He also stressed that “the report is not retroactive, so those citizens who have received dual citizenship, should have it in the future.”

Russian Embassy in Ashgabat mandated to monitor the situation, by the action of the Russian-Turkmen agreement on the settlement of the issue of dual citizenship.

As reported on Sunday Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Yakovenko, “the Russian diplomatic mission in Ashgabat is also entrusted with the interests of our citizens in Turkmenistan.”

The text of the decree of Turkmenbashi

Provide persons who obtained dual citizenship on the basis of the Agreement between Turkmenistan and the Russian Federation on the settlement of the issue of dual citizenship of 23 Bitaraplyk 1993, the right to choose the citizenship of one country for two months.

To provide that persons possessing the nationality of Turkmenistan and the Russian Federation residing in Turkmenistan have over two months to inform the choice of citizenship of one country in the Internal Affairs of Turkmenistan. The said persons who failed to report on time of their choice, are considered citizens of Turkmenistan.

Federal Law “On Citizenship of the Russian Federation”

Paragraphs 2, 3 and 4 of Article 4 states:

Citizenship of the Russian Federation is uniform and equal regardless of which it was acquired.

Residence of a citizen of the Russian Federation outside the Russian Federation does not terminate his Russian citizenship.

Russian citizen can not be deprived of Russian citizenship or right to change it.

In addition to the Law “On Citizenship”, there is also the federal law “On State Policy of the Russian Federation in respect of compatriots abroad”, the preamble of which reads:

Compatriots living abroad have the right to rely on the support of the Russian Federation in the exercise of their civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights, the preservation of the identity.

Article 5

Public policy goals of the Russian Federation in respect of compatriots are to provide government support and assistance to compatriots in accordance with generally recognized principles and norms of international law and international treaties of the Russian Federation and the legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as the laws of foreign countries in the implementation and enforcement of the rights and freedoms and citizen, including the right to:

freely to express, preserve and develop their identity, maintain and develop the spiritual and intellectual potential;

establish and maintain a free comprehensive ties between compatriots and ties with the Russian Federation, to obtain information from the Russian Federation;

create a national-cultural autonomy, voluntary associations, the media and participate in their activities;

participate in the work of non-governmental organizations at the national and international levels;

participate in the development of mutually beneficial relations between the State of residence and the Russian Federation, and to exercise free choice of place of residence or the right to return to Russia.