Most Muscovites still undecided asset managers of their homes

Most Muscovites still undecided asset managers of their homes

The selection process of management companies in Moscows housing stock is very slow. “Residents and citizens are created in the community social organizations do not show sufficient initiative to address management of residential buildings,” – “Interfax” Deputy Mayor of Moscow, Anatoly Petrov.

Under current law, all owners of residential premises in apartment buildings up to January 1, 2007 to hold meetings and to choose a control method of the house.

In the city administration said that the population is poorly representing the essence of the reform itself. “A large part of the inhabitants of Moscow January 1, selects a method for managing the houses,” – says the first deputy head of the Department of Housing and Public Works Michael Rybalchenko. According to him, this work should be done by the executive authorities, in partnership with the owners of the premises, so the department has developed a procedure and method of work of district councils with initiative groups of citizens.

Since May, the majority of the territorial authorities shall be consulted on the organization and conduct of general meetings of the residents. A government housing department district offices of the Department of housing policy and housing organize reception for government in housing for those people who wants to build condominiums.

According to “Interfax”, the most difficult process of selecting a management company is in the old housing stock, which is dominated at home with mixed ownership. “People often do not understand what the new order is different from the old one, and why do need to change something. Therefore have difficulties begin with the formation of the initiative group to take on the preparation and organization of the meeting,” – said the official.

Head of government housing department of housing policy and housing the Central Administrative Okrug Natalia Makeeva in turn warned that in some areas of the county began to appear from different organizations and companies that are conducting interviews with residents of houses and collect signatures at the option of management companies. “The documents are drawn up without their compliance and legal requirements of the Russian Federation, according to which the management company must be selected collection of tenants” – says Serbin.

A few things are better than in new buildings, as in Moscow common practice for the developer to pick their own management company, which serves the house, at least until the titling residents.

According to the department of housing policy and housing in Moscow at the moment there are 40 thousand homes. Of them, according to the deputy head of the Department Vitali Akimkin, an election management company has meaning only in the 28 th, as the rest of the house – old and dilapidated, and potentially subject to renovation or demolition. So far, only a little over 4 million homes undecided CC.