Moscow authorities have entered into dialogue with the Public Chamber on the conflict in South Butovo

Moscow authorities have entered into dialogue with the Public Chamber on the conflict in South Butovo

Representatives of the Moscow authorities first responded to repeated offers Chairman of the Public Chamber for public control over the activities of law enforcement agencies, law enforcement agencies and judicial reform lawyer Anatoly Kucherena engage in a dialogue about the conflict in South Butovo.

At the meeting of the Public Chamber on Friday came chairman Vladimir Platonov, Moscow City Council and the Prefect of the Southwestern District of the capital Alexei Cholyshev. At the meeting were also invited residents of the district, according to ITAR-TASS.

Plato believed that the problem of the residents of South Butovo must be addressed to the authorities of the capital, and not the Public Chamber. “I have respect for the unconstitutional authorities, but the current problem in South Butovo can and should decide constitutional authorities – such as the Moscow City Council and its deputies”, – said Platonov reporters in Moscow on Friday. According to him, “members of the Public Chamber can come, discuss, and sometimes you can listen to them, but the problem should be solved by the law.”

Referring to the situation with the family Prokofiev, Plato said that “she has established herself these problems.” “In our city there are seven programs for housing or improve living conditions for the people of our city. Prokofiev Julia herself in court said it would not consider themselves in need and does not want to become a waiting list for housing,” – said Platonov.

According to him, if Prokofievs filed a formal statement on the improvement of living conditions, “she could get two-bedroom apartments at once, rather than the 13 square meters, which they are entitled by law.” Platonov said that the son of the owner of Prokofiev 13 square meters of living space in the village of South Butovo. “The city gave them a one-room apartment to a larger area, but they refuse it,” – said the Chairman of the Moscow City Duma. Responding to reporters questions about what will be the reaction of the authorities if Prokofievs file applications for better housing, Plato said that “power is always humane, and they will get their flats,” reports “Interfax”.

Public Chamber Commission insists on meeting with Luzhkov

Commission of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation to the monitoring of law enforcement and rule of law has decided to re-invite Mayor Yuri Luzhkov to discuss the situation in the village of South Butovo. “I propose to invite Yuri Mikhailovich on Wednesday, June 28, at 2 pm to discuss the issue,” – said Chairman Anatoly Kucherena in Moscow on Friday at a meeting of the Public Chamber.

Kucherena called contempt of the Public Chamber and the members of his committee no Mayor or his immediate deputies at a meeting to discuss the problems prevailing in the village of South Butovo. After that, he put the question to a vote to terminate the meeting and further consultations with the Moscow authorities to discuss the problems of the South Butovo at a higher level in the near future.

According to “Interfax”, before a meeting Kucherena asked the participants of the meeting and the committee members to discuss the opportunity to discuss problems with the prefect of the South-Western Administrative District Alexei Chelysheva. After a brief association with the prefect Kucherena called insufficient powers that Moscow officials have given the city authorities.

In turn Chelyshev reported that represents the government of Moscow, and at this meeting it sent Acting Mayor Vladimir Resin. “I am here on behalf of the Deputy Mayor in charge of execution is now acting head of the city, as Yuri Mikhailovich (Luzhkov) is a business trip and I have been authorized to participate in the discussion,” – said Cholyshev.

The prefect also stressed that all decisions taken with regard to the resettlement of villagers South Butovo, living in private households, took it personally. “I think the leadership is wrong to accuse the capital in making some decisions to evict the residents of the village, because I personally make decisions on these issues,” – said Cholyshev.

However, the Commission invited to a meeting on Tuesday, June 27, police chief of the capital Viktor Pronin and head of Moscow Sergey Komarov Justice to discuss the actions of the law enforcement and judicial officers on June 19 in the village of Butovo. “We will try to learn from them than were justified use of force against the inhabitants of the village,” – told reporters the driver.

Since early June, the Moscow district of South Butovo residents protesting against the demolition of their homes. Private homes in the area are going to carry in the city program of mass construction. By the decision of the court bailiffs Zyuzinsky started to evict, but met opposition from some owners of private houses. Currently Moscow prosecutors office is studying the situation with the right to land in South Butovo.