Members of the family of Habsburg intend to sell “Draculas Castle”

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Representatives of the Hapsburg family decided to sell the Bran Castle in central Romania. The castle was handed over to the Hapsburgs, only seven months ago, and is now considering the possibility of purchasing power of the city of Brasov. The parties do not comment on what the price of a possible deal, reports “Interfax”.

Castle, built in the early XIII century – an important tourist destination. Among other things, it placed the museum of medieval art.

Built in the 14th century Bran Castle, which is estimated at $ 25 million, belonged to Queen Marie of Romania and her daughter, Princess Ileana, in 1948, was seized by the Communist government.

In early 2006, Romania has made changes in the law, according to which the property confiscated during communism, must be returned to its original owners.

The castle passed architect Dominic von Habsburg, a descendant of Princess Ileana, who lives in New York. By agreement with the Habsburgs banned making any changes to the castle for a period of three years.

Bran Castle known as Draculas Castle, though he never belonged Gospodar Vlad the Impaler, the real historical person who inspired Bram Stoker to create an image of the graph-vampire. However, it is believed that Vlad Tepes have been to the castle. Besides, this castle has appeared in numerous films about Dracula.