Medvedev: amendments to the Town Planning Code stimulate construction

Medvedev: amendments to the Town Planning Code stimulate construction

Amendments adopted by Construction Code should remove unnecessary administrative barriers in this area, said First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, commenting on the State Duma passed a law in late November.

“The Federal Assembly considered the law on amendments to the Construction Code and other legal acts in order to eliminate existing administrative barriers to housing and help to increase housing construction,” – said Medvedev, identifying five basic positions of the law.

First Deputy Prime Minister called among them the creation of a unified state examination documentation for capital construction and regulation of integrated development in already built-up areas, where the need arises. “In addition, it is possible to mortgage municipal land for loans for infrastructure projects – quoted Medvedev” Interfax. “- This is just a tool that can facilitate the involvement of bank money just is in this area.”

According to First Deputy Prime Minister, in accordance with amendments “are involved in trafficking such land that had previously been provided by a separate procedure, called the preliminary approval.” “In other words, the owner will have to decide: either these sites still use it, or give them up, so they do not lay dormant,” – he explained.

The fifth important aspect Medvedev said the issue of agricultural land. “Delineates they will have in their value, and the land which is not of particular value to be transferred to the Federations subjects, so that they make quick decisions on management of housing construction”, – he added.

After hearing the report of Medvedev, Putin asked the Minister for Regional Development to clarify whether his department granted the adoption. “At that point – yes, and in the process may be other issues,” – said the Minister.