Luzhkov: “Then prices will not rise”

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Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov hopes that real estate prices in 2007 will not grow. “I think the more prices will not rise. Noticed that they stopped at the same time with a stop in oil prices This is no accident, as it is the price of oil these days are largely control supply and demand. – He said in an interview” Russian newspaper. “- if money becomes less, and the prices umerivayut their ardor.s all connected to each other.”

“In addition, played a role mortgage, which in Moscow this year has tripled. And this, by the way, just what exactly is the housing for Moscow, which the government of Moscow have a headache in the first place. Anyone in the mortgage we do not accept strangers, “- said the mayor. Increased and the amount of housing being built on gorzakazu, compared to what is being built for commercial purposes. “This is also a sure sign that the housing built up to its” – said Luzhkov.

On the mass demolition of nine so far, the mayor said, speaking of the “cleansing” of the city for new projects. “The exception may be the case when one or two houses are in the construction zone and prevent conduct its complex. So, one day in Moscow already on Taganka. However, this requires a separate decision,” – he said.