Luzhkov promised to decide the fate of the inhabitants of the village of Butovo “in good conscience and justice”

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“The issue with the residents of the village of Butovo will be resolved according to conscience, and all decisions will be fair,” – said on Tuesday Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov. According to him, out of 260 families left the village to resolve the issue of resettlement of 40, do not agree on the terms offered. According to the head of the solution will be found, unless the ordinary course of the dispute is not to turn into a “bad policy” issue.

“Out of a job normally politicians that act for other politicians, and after an awkward connection of members of the Public Chamber, the question of
turned into a bad economic policy “- said Luzhkov.

As to the problem with the family Prokofiev, the mayor said: “We offered them two-bedroom apartments, but they did not agree with this and demanded money to these apartments. Builders referred the case to the court, and the court, based on the new Housing Code of the Russian Federation, decided to relocate both of them in a one-room apartment. Court could not do otherwise, as this is the Housing Code, “-

“Of course, this solution is not good, and even contrary to the decision of the court, we again offered them two-bedroom apartments, but there has already begun policy. Involved in fighting the State Duma, TV broadcasters operating order, and instead of being in a nice way to resolve the situation, it transferred to the bad Russian opposition “- said Luzhkov.

As for those who agreed to be resettled, the mayor promised that “the inhabitants of the houses to live here, and not on the other side of Moscow.”

At the site of the village will build a new residential area, right by the conflict its construction will be delayed for two to three months, “Interfax”.

“There will be a very good residential area. There will be a great layout, modern and comfortable. There are convenience stores and other elements of social infrastructure,” – said Luzhkov.