Luzhkov is going to take down all the “phenolic” home in Moscow

Luzhkov is going to take down all the “phenolic” home in Moscow

All so-called “phenolic” homes will be demolished in Moscow, said the mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, the TV channel TVC. “Phenolic” tear down buildings in Moscow and will endure, not so much, we will solve this problem. There is a government resolution “- said Luzhkov.

The mayor said that the first “phenolic” house was demolished recently in the east of the capital, Metrogorodke. “However, he was Kripenka, with phenol,” – said the mayor.

As previously reported by the newspaper M2 demolition on Monday failed the first attempt to destroy the first to be demolished so-called “phenolic” houses, located in the east of Moscow at: Public Highway, 24, building 1. On the perimeter of the building was laid 160 kg of explosives. However, after the blast, the building is only slightly tilted and settled on one floor. Then for 20 minutes several entrances still collapsed. As a result, the house had to deal with using a crane and excavator.

Cnos this home means the actual beginning of the reconstruction area Metrogorodok. Decree “On the construction of residential houses located in an open highway, 24, cor. 1 and st. N. Himushina, 3, cor. 2 and 3,” Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov signed at the end of last year. According to the document, in 2006, the building at an open highway, 24, will be resettled and kor.1 demolished and in its place in 2007 to build a new home, where the residents resettled from the “phenolic” homes at ul. N.Himushina, 3, cor. 2 and 3. In their place, in their turn, during 2008-2010. also will build a new apartment complex.

So-called “phenolic” houses (Series II-49-II) were built in Moscow in the 70s house-building plant one commissioned Metrostroy (in Metrogorodke are seven houses in this series). Currently, the city has hundreds of such houses. According to the residents of these houses, the maximum permissible concentration of phenol in the ceilings of the houses exceeded six or more times. After the examinations, including the participation of the chief health officer of the city, had been concluded that phenol is not harmful to health.