Luzhkov clears bank of Moscow from the “ugly” restaurants and offices on the water

Luzhkov clears bank of Moscow from the “ugly” restaurants and offices on the water

Frunze Embankment, where most of the capitals moored floating landing stages, now looks unusually bleak: Two months is stopped working popular city restaurants are empty and located on the water offices. Recall that in September, the mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov promised that he would find ways to expel the “ugly court” from the center of the capital, despite the contradictions in rent: water of the river is managed by federal, not city officials. And I found – on barges simply disabled the water and sewer, write “News”.

Now the builders remove the siding and the scenery from the first landing-stage, next to the St. Andrews bridge. When tuning is destroyed, a barge towed away from the city center.

“Work on the water we loved, – the” News “editor-in-chief of the newspaper” The View “Alex Goreslavsky. – Our editorial rented an office on one of the landing stages with the theme called” torpedo boats berth. “But still had to move out. In one day we turned off the water and drain. Drinking water we buy in the store, and the toilet our staff had to go to McDonalds at the station “Frunzenskaya.” So we lasted nearly six weeks. But as to us every day began to come check out all city departments We are seriously thinking about a new office. Only in my mind to go and see us some time employees of the district prosecutor, Mosenergo, firefighters and SES.

When in September Luzhkov declared war on the landing stage, he enlisted the support of the Russian RPN by organizing an all-out test vessels. When the audit chaired by Oleg Mitvol proper result has not brought in the fight for the “purity” metropolitan area joined a new player – “Waterworks” by turning off boats from communications. Thought – at the time, it turned out – for good.

“Water on the landing stage, we have not given” – confirmed to “News” spokesman “Mosvodokanal” Eugene Bogomolov.