Kaluzhskoe a competitor Rublevki

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Popularity of the suburban real estate in the most prestigious areas of Moscow region – Rublevo-Uspensky highway Novorizhskoe and recently reduced. Luxury real estate buyers do not want to overpay for prestige.

According to head of the Department of suburban real estate Litinetskaya Mary Blackwood, compared to 2005 in the current year, their combined share declined by 10%, the newspaper GZT.ru. At present, according to managing partner Mayfair Properties Marina Markarova on Novorizhskoe highway for about 23% of the demand for high-end segment of the suburban real estate, and the Novorizhskoe – 21%. At the same time, explains Litinetskaya almost doubled, from 9% to 16%, increased the popularity of the Kaluga road, from 6% to 8% – Minsk direction and about 12% of consumer demand were in Kiev highway.

“Customers do not want to pay for prestige, – said director general brokerage house” Golden Gate “Roman Mouradian. – Today for them is much more important criteria such as the environment, the size of the site or access to transportation.”

Meanwhile, the last factor is just become a serious problem for the residents of Rublyovka. “On the road from Barvikha to Kutuzov Avenue during rush hour takes about 1.5-2 hours” – says Mouradian. The situation with Novorizhskoe highway up not better, because the developers of this trend presented to the consumer as nothing but speed. “In fact, the quality of road is poor. It is dark, besides here obsolete pavement” – said the deputy director of “New Town” Natalia Vetlugina. A Roman Mouradian adds that the main problems arise from motorists at the entrance to Moscow, where they regularly get stuck in traffic.

Vetlugina emphasizes that in contrast to these tracks, “Kiev and Kaluga highway is in perfect condition, and congestion here is very rare, naturally, by Moscow standards.”

Low score experts prestigious areas, and other criteria. According to Vetlugina along Rublevo Assumption highway built a huge number of poor-quality real estate, built in the 1990s. Mouradian novel sees a serious problem in a dense building. “Houses are located on the ruble” window to window, “which, of course, does not improve the quality of life. Similar situation on Novorizhskoe highway, – he said. – In addition, in both directions is very little green space.” In this case, as the Vetlugina prices for suburban property Rublevo Assumption highway almost two times higher than in any other.

“The prices for the Kaluga road will only grow, to invest in the country real estate is the most attractive course today,” – said Mouradian. According to experts, the price gap between Kaluga and Rublevo-Uspensky highway eventually severely reduced. “No track has such a prestigious history as Ruble – reflects Vetlugina. – As for Novorizhskoe direction, then his popularity will be back after the completion of the Zvenigorod Avenue.”