In their homes, American millionaires prefer luxury comfort

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U.S. research agency Coldwell Banker looked into the houses of wealthy Americans. Researchers interviewed 300 owners of homes worth more than one million dollars and found that to be necessary in an expensive home, and that is a luxury even for the very wealthy. It was found that the bright character attributes of luxury in these homes often do not exist, but all are very comfortable and most importantly safe.

“In this group, we have not seen the mass distribution of such things as heated floors (14%), tennis courts (4%) or the golf course (5%)”, – said Jim Gillespie, president of the agency Coldwell Banker.

It turned out that most of the money being invested in their own home are spent on creating the most favorable conditions of life, not to maintain a high status at home.

However, there are a number of things that have most affluent homeowners. According to the survey the most important thing for them – it acquired security. In 87% of homes are installed security system, according to CNN.

In addition, it is natural that Americans prefer not to waste your time on boring homework, such as mowing the lawn, so 67% of the house included a professional landscape designer, who takes care of lawns in good condition.

And the interests of their own “homes in a million” good food and wine. And cook they seem to prefer to, at least, sometimes – in two-thirds of the owners of expensive homes bought food for special design projects, as well as arrange wine cellars.

Other important things – room entertainment (59%), jacuzzi, bars (57%) and a separate room – home theater (24%). In areas close to the 37% of homes have and a private pool.

The significant difference of the modern lifestyle of millionaires from the traditional concept of life rich is the lack of permanent workers.

“Life is not like a millionaire is not how it is usually portrayed in the movie” – says Gillespie. Only 5% of households have a permanent assistant, servant or secretary. In 4% of the homes he has lived a hired housekeeper, and only 1% of respondents have a constant personal drivers living in the home.

Apparently, the owners of expensive houses prefer to enjoy all the amenities of their homes to face. At the very least, the decisive factor is not exactly a question of money – 43% of respondents earning more than half a million dollars a year, and another 41% earn between 200 to 500 thousand dollars a year.

Interestingly, 35% of respondents have a second home, which is used either as a way of investing money, either as a holiday home in the mountains, by the sea or a lake. 35% of respondents who have not yet acquired a second home are considering to do so in the near future.