In the United Kerimov hotel company can not enter the “National”

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State Duma Deputy Suleiman Kerimov has encountered problems when creating together with the Government of Moscow United Hotel Company. As found “Kommersant”, the company can not enter one of the most expensive hotels in Moscow – “National” that market participants are estimated at 150 million

On establishment of United Hotel Company Deputy Mayor Iosif Ordzhonikidze announced on 21 November. The authorized capital of the new company, according to preliminary calculations, amount to at least $ 2 billion, 49% will be owned by the city, 51% – OOO “Nafta Co”. It was assumed that the city will transfer the balance of the new company owned by him packages of hotel assets, “Nafta” pay their share of the money. But out of 20 hotels controlled by the city, five (“Altai”, “Budapest”, “Kuzminki”, “The Tourist” and “National”) are GUPami whose property it is necessary first to privatize.

On Thursday, the Moscow Property Department held a meeting with representatives of these hotels to explain to them the procedure for the transfer of their assets on the balance sheet of the combined company, a spokesman for the Department of Natalia Bykov. “But the representatives of the” National “claimed that the building is a monument of federal importance, and therefore can not be privatized. Thus any evidence of this fact, they have not provided, but promised to do so in the future”, – said Bykov. “If the documents confirming the statements of representatives of the” National “will be provided, it is unclear whether this property to enter the future company,” – she said.

Confirmation that the hotel is a monument is in the decision of the Moscow government on August 18, 1998 637. It clearly states that the hotel “is protected by the State as a historical and cultural monument of federal significance and not subject to privatization under the law.”

“Right now, regardless of who owns the building, if it is – a monument of federal importance, it subject to federal laws,” – explained the lawyer law firm Gide Loyrette Nouel Dmitry Raev. “And the question of privatization of the” National “can not be”, – said the deputy chairman of the security committee of the State Duma Sergei Abeltsev. He promises to ask the prosecutors office in the minutes of the meeting of the Property Department, and then bring the matter to the State Duma.