In St. Petersburg, for the Constitutional Court judges nerasselenny demolished house

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Construction of the judges of the Constitutional Court of Russia in St. Petersburg is facing another scandal. On Monday, the construction company “Rarity” is going to start demolition dormitory building factory “Red Flag”, located on the street Esperova house 5 – the future residence of the constitutional judges in St. Petersburg. As noted, demolish residence, seems to be with people. Now it is the only home to 28 families, which the government refuses to settle.

Problems hostel dwellers began after the land on which their house is located, has attracted the Executive Secretary of the President. It is this area of about 5 hectares was chosen as the site for the construction of social and living complex for judges.

In order to carry out these plans, the officials are going to demolish the kindergarten, childrens home, a three-story apartment building, as well as a hostel “Red Banner” that prevent construction. Representatives of the Federal Agency for Federal Property Management (FAUFI) insisted that the “Red Flag” “donated” the building as a gift to the state. Encumbrance as a gift, which this fall has been concluded between the factory and FAUFI, was the fact that the building was home to registered and unregistered family room which was provided on the basis of orders. Two lists of 48 families, 20 of which were registered at that address, and 28 – at another hostel “Red Flag” – were applied to the notarial deed of gift.

In the “Red Banner” does not hide the fact that behind the scenes, officials have repeatedly hinted that it would be necessary to reduce the number of resettled families. As a result, the number actually decreased. “The Federal Registration Service registered the deed of gift, but it mysteriously disappeared from the document one of the lists of families living there,” – said in the “Red Banner”. That list, which contained the non-registered at that address people who, as a gift, the government also pledged to resettle. Now the situation is as if the one they did not have to, and accommodated only families that had a sign at this address. Meanwhile, prepare the building for demolition – already cut off heat and light, and the day before began to dismantle the roof.

Little noticed already sued the Petrograd district, demanding recognition of the right of ownership to their square footage. They expect that, if the court accepts their side, the state is obliged to provide them with alternative accommodation. Friday is not on the list of residents held a meeting at the walls of his house, which is already fenced. Over the last few days they are on duty in the building to prevent its demolition.