In Moscow, shot CEO of the company that sold land in the exclusive village of Baltic, and his ex-wife

In Moscow, shot CEO of the company that sold land in the exclusive village of Baltic, and his ex-wife

Metropolitan Police are looking for a criminal who made an attempt on the bankrupt businessman and his wife divorced. The victim previously traded elite parcels of land in the suburbs, but then the company has been declared bankrupt, and he received a prison sentence.

Victims of the attack were 50-year-old general manager of the construction company “Goodwin-3″ Timur
He died and his 48-year-old ex-wife, Olga, “Interfax” referring to a law enforcement source. They were shot in the head and hospitalized.

Attempt made on Wednesday at about 12:00 in the house 17 building 1 on Lake Street in Ochakovo, where victims rent an apartment. According to preliminary data, the killer fired a sawn-off shotgun.

“Claps of the shots were so loud that the people thought that there was a series of explosions – reported to law enforcement. – So on Lake Street was sent, except for the group an immediate response, field engineer squadron.”

Timur Umerova police found on the landing, and Olga was in the apartment, according to Life News.

While investigators did not identify priority version of the attack. This could be a robbery, and the desire to get even with the businessman for his professional activities.

At the moment, Timur died and his ex-wife were in serious condition at the Botkin Hospital.

Businessman cheated rich who wanted to become summer residents

JSC “Goodwin-3″, directed by Timur Umerov shot businessman, has been selling plots of land located in a luxury cottage Baltic, on the 37th kilometer of the highway “Moscow – Riga”.

The charming village is located in the heart of the forest lost in fairy world. Here, among the tall pines and moose roam from one branch to another, effortlessly and arrive red squirrels “- so literally advertised settlement sites Baltic real estate companies.

To get into this tale could anyone ready to put out a few million dollars. In 2005, the house in the Baltic cost of 860 thousand dollars to 3.7 million dollars.

The company offers customers “Goodwin-3″ shows the land lease agreement signed for 49 years with the Moscow Regional Committee for Property Management for construction of 103 houses and infrastructure, including schools. However, it later became clear that in addition to the company law of the land has borrowed most of the lands adjacent SFE agency informed before Penny Lane Realty.

“Forest lands the most problematic. Legally live here just can not. Nevertheless, forest areas successfully sell” – outraged at the time head of the RPN Dmitry Kolosov.

As a result, residents of the Baltic States, to pay for their “suburban bliss” millions of dollars were “vacationers on bird rights.” Officially settlement did not appear on the map. Because of this, it was impossible to conclude a contract on gas there, or other works. A RPN repeatedly promised to evict the residents and demolish their homes in accordance with the court order.

According to the RPN, the head “Goodwin-3″ Timur Umerov repeatedly arrested, and against him criminal cases, including under Article 330 (arbitrariness) and 262 (violation of the protected areas and natural objects) of the Criminal Code. However, to bring these to the end of the investigation was not possible.

“The last time he was arrested March 16, 2005 during its next operational-search activities” test purchase “for the illegal sale of a plot of land in the cottage” Baltic “area of 0.45 hectares for 990,000 dollars. As a consequence of this incident was a criminal proceedings under Article 159 (fraud on a large scale) of the Criminal Code, “- said in a press release RPN.

In 2007, the court sentenced Istra General Director of “Goodwin-3″ Timur Umerova to eight years in prison. A June 9, 2009 Moscow Arbitration Court declared the company “Goodwin-3″ bankrupt, then defrauded the owners bought land in the Baltics have lost the ability to require the company for damages.

It is possible that even after the colony Timur Umerova had many enemies. A killer services in Russia are paid not so generously as land under elite building with the “flying squirrel” into the bargain.