In 2007, the apartments will go up any degree of comfort

In 2007, the apartments will go up any degree of comfort

Such nightmares that were on the property market in 2006, next year should not be, say analysts. According to the optimistic scenario, cheap apartments have a little cheaper, and more comfortable housing becomes more expensive, but not much. According to the pessimistic – “square” will rise in price is 20 percent.

Told “Novye Izvestiya” analytic center head Oleg Repchenko happen slight correction in prices in the segment of substandard housing downward, and in the segment of business class apartments – on the contrary, towards the rise in price. “Prices will vary by plus or minus 10%, depending on the segment of housing” – suggests the expert.

Gave a more optimistic forecast vice president of the Russian Guild of Realtors Constantine Aprelev. He does not exclude that in the future, prices will gradually decline for all types of housing, particularly in the one-room “Khrushchev” in prefabricated houses. The reason, in his view, is that overpriced poor quality housing can not compete with the delivery of the apartments. During 2006, prices have risen so much that those who would like to purchase and was a mediocre “odnushku”, has no money, and mortgage programs have not yet developed. The result in this segment no longer met demand, and prices have gone down. “If, in 2007, incomes continue to rise, and banks will lower interest rates on mortgage loans, the demand will recover and prices will remain stable,” – said the expert.

A different view on the prospects for the vice-president of the International Academy of the mortgage and real estate Irina Radchenko. “Unless there is some of the banking crisis or the collapse of oil prices, the price for all kinds of housing will increase by about 15-20%, – she said. – The rising price of” Khrushchev “form a non-resident, who work in the capital, and of course want to stay here. A business-class housing will mainly consider the Muscovites as a good opportunity to invest the money. ”

Another reason for the rise in prices in 2007, according to experts, is that the pace of construction remains low. “Now small apartment in” Khrushchev “a dirty entrance, in a bad neighborhood is worth 150-200 thousand dollars. For the same money you can buy a small house in France by the sea, for example, in Nice” – says Radchenko.