Elite in Moscow have no place to live: the quality of housing, “luxury” does not meet needs

Elite in Moscow have no place to live: the quality of housing, “luxury” does not meet needs

As soon as prices for Moscow real estate began to slow their growth, sales of the most expensive apartments and town houses near Moscow seriously worried.

The primary market for luxury homes usually lives by its own rules: It is home to most of the so-called investors – that is, those who purchase a property for resale. However, when other apartments or luxury homes hang on for six months or a year in the wake of rising prices, it is not terrible: the goods in any way more expensive. Another thing is: the price is for the third month, and still no buyer, explain the “Izvestia”. In addition, some analysts are afraid possible drop in property prices. Tortured apprehension sellers begin to suspect that at one time invested is not there.

In general, in the luxury segment demand exceeds supply. However, the qualitative imbalance between these two parameters glaring, the daily writes. One in four potential buyers of apartments, is located for this purpose a sum of over one million dollars, wants to buy a property in the “Golden Mile” – is Prechistenka and Ostozhenka with alleys. However, the structure of supply at their disposal, only 14% of all apartments on the market. 14% of buyers are dreaming of the Patriarchs Ponds. But in the last months of this pleasant corner of Moscow to the market not a single apartment.

The location of the future apartment, according to realtors, the main criterion for the search and selection. But not the only one. If the house is already occupied, then before you pay such big money, buyers meticulously to make inquiries. “They often do not like the quality of the building and engineering infrastructure – told” Izvestia “the director of real estate sales company Mayfair Properties Daria Kokoreva. – A particular problem – the level of service at home. Feels lack of good management companies.” Inhabitants even almost flawless club buildings in Ostozhenka years can not solve the problem of managing companies. Despite the fact that the monthly 800-1500 dollars for municipal services to them than money.

The greatest difficulties experienced sellers of apartments in residential complexes in business class, that is, high-rise apartment blocks and “cities.” Often, the quality of construction of these houses are no better than the usual serial “monolith”, but the price is close to the elite and among the large neighborhood across people, able to accommodate a luxurious life cast into the memories of his youth, held in the Khrushchev.

On the suburban estate near Moscow similar pattern. According to the company Vesco Group, in ready to move in a cottage village declared class corresponds to total 620 thousand square meters. meters of supply. And more than 1 million square feet. meters sold for, inadequate quality. According to the company, 80% of clients first point overvaluation. So, in October, in the villages, located on Novorizhskoe direction, the average bid price was 11.8 thousand dollars per square meter. meter. Then the sellers requested for two thousand more. With an area of 300 square meters cottage. m is obtained, which is overstating “grade” they plan to earn 600 thousand dollars. With each house – a decent apartment in Moscow.