Deadbeat mortgage earned apartment sold 1.5 million rubles for half a year

Deadbeat mortgage earned apartment sold 1.5 million rubles for half a year

Yesterday, the Property Fund of St. Petersburg was first sold apartment resident of the northern capital who did not want to pay off the mortgage. Moreover, due to an unprecedented increase in property prices over the last year, the defaulter is very well earned on the sale. Satisfied and the buyer – the apartment he had won at a price below the market price. And such cases there will be more, experts predict.

Last May, a resident of St. Petersburg, whose name was not disclosed, bought a two-room apartment of 56 square meters. m taking a loan to OJSC “Bank” Alexander “, working on crediting Petersburg Mortgage Agency (100% owned by the city.) loan was taken for 30 years at 14% per annum. time and the amount of the debt was not disclosed.

According to the spokesman of the Property Fund of St. Petersburg Alina Kuberskaya, despite the fact that the auction was attended by three citizens, apartment sold for a starting price – 2,234,000 rubles. According to the deputy director general of Petersburg Mortgage Agency Sergei Milutin, the initial contribution of the citizen was about 400 thousand rubles, and after the sale of the apartment he got more than 1.5 million “Its very similar to the calculation: the failure to pay was in his small, but he decided to sell apartment – said Milutin “News.” – especially since this was an investment house: he lived in another apartment. ”

Satisfied and the buyer. The apartment has got a buyer who was presented by Yaroslav Kuzmin. On the auction, he learned from the announcement in the “Bulletin of the Property Fund of St. Petersburg.” Foundation organized the auction. “I was attracted by the price, which is below the average level of prices in the market” – said Kuzmin “Vedomosti”. The apartment had come to him for $ 1,500 per square meter. m, and the average cost of housing mass series – 2000-2500 dollars per square. m

The calculation can be simple: many analysts believe the real estate market in the near future may fall in house prices, so its time to implement investment apartments. But, according to the head of the mortgage department Vesso Realty Alexander Belyavtseva, apartments to sell himself: “Usually, the bank sells the house for 20-30% cheaper.” However, the need for self-selling secure the agreement of the bank, and press secretary GK “MIAN” Dinara Lizunova notes that not all banks agree to such a scheme. Perhaps that is why Petersburger went on sale housing. “When citizens were not able to pay off the mortgage, and the house put up for auction, was in Moscow – said Belyavtsev. – However, while they are rare.”

According to the Director of the Department brokerage brokerage house “Golden Gate” Alexander Kukoyaka in future similar situations may be more: “Today, the ratio of banks borrowers were much more democratic, and they close their eyes to many things, often loans are issued to citizens who did not initially be able to pay a monthly premium. ”

On the basis of international practice problems arise or to return immediately to the first couple of months, when the client is not a priori planned to repay debts, or after two or three years. At the same time, taking into account the return of debt lender, interest, penalties, pay the costs of tendering, evaluation, duties may well be that the cost of implementing objects debtor nothing will remain, especially if long “dripped” fines. If borrowers who are using a mortgage loan acquired apartment six months ago and more, because of the growing market remained even in considerable benefit, in the future these numbers will not work.