Construction of hotels in the Red Square can destroy St. Basils Cathedral

Construction of hotels in the Red Square can destroy St. Basils Cathedral

Defenders landmarks hit the alarm. Until the end of 2008, the Federal Complex “Kremlin” will rebuild a luxury hotel. Representatives from the office of the president of Russia, in whose jurisdiction the buildings, say that the reconstruction will be “cosmetic”. However, experts fear that the work could destroy the temple, located in the neighborhood, “Novye Izvestiya”.

According to the announcement of the project, instead of four yards housing “Kremlin”, hidden behind the facade, will soon have modern hotels, which will significantly change the usual ensemble of many Muscovites heart of the capital. Area “Kremlin” investors suggest significant increase – from 43 thousand to 71 thousand square meters. meters. The main building will house class hotel “suite”, as well as the auction house, luxury restaurants, boutiques. Another 25 thousand square meters. meters will fall to luxury apartments. Underground car parking will take 14 thousand square meters. meters. Such a decisive intervention in the face of the main square of the country was not since the construction of the mausoleum and the construction of a tower in the Kremlins Spasskaya government building on the site of the Ascension Monastery.

Sketch design of the complex “Kremlin”, performed by the French architectural firm of Jean-Michel Velmotta has been agreed with the Property Management Department of the President. At the moment the sketch submitted to the Director General of the Institute of the General Plan of Moscow, Sergei Tkachenko, who is accompanying the project architect on the Russian side. “After the completion of the project it will be a public discussion, Heritage Committee makes its assessment, will make their opinion and experts – said” Novye Izvestiya “Boyarskov, head of Rosokhrankultura. – Then we have carried him to the scientific advisory board of the Ministry of Culture and Communication . We will not allow the production of any work that may destroy or monument itself, or harm to others. ”

However, experts doubt it. Great concern that the construction would destroy St Basils Cathedral. “New construction will damage the foundation of the temple, – says the head of the commission for the restoration of the Cathedral of Andrei Batalov. – Will be changed groundwater flow under it, can be formed in the walls crack, and vibration from heavy construction equipment will be dangerous for the entire building, which stands on an artificial hill near five centuries. ”

“Under the building is planned to build an underground car park, – the presidium member of the Advisory Board of the Chief Architect of Moscow Alexey Kuzmenko. – Its just a few hundred meters from the Cathedral of St. Basil. We, the architects did not even recommend to hold concerts on Vasilevsky descent because of due to the impact of low-frequency waves mound on which the church is beginning to slip into the Moscow River. ”