Clergy explained that the new amendments to the Civil Code they want to sell the land, taken away the Soviets

Clergy explained that the new amendments to the Civil Code they want to sell the land, taken away the Soviets

The new version of the Civil Code (CC), which contains provisions concerning the interests of religious organizations, including their rights to the land beneath the temples, mosques, synagogues, contrary to federal law 73 “On the transfer of property to religious organizations for religious purposes”, adopted on 30 December 2010.

As stated in an interview to “Rain” of the church, “Protection of the Virgin in Fili” Archpriest Boris Mikhailov, in law there is no word on how the church should buy land in it, on the contrary, according to the unconditional transfer of the property.

Another contradiction, according to Archpriest, is that the land that belonged to the church, and which was used for the house and solve various business issues, including the clergy fees and maintenance of the clergy, was previously stolen from the Church of the Soviet state. And now, it appears that the church to reclaim these stolen land, they should be from the state to buy immediately or in installments.

Earlier, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill wrote a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, drawing his attention to the fact that many religious institutions have to give up the lands they now enjoy, because they are unable to pay for them.

In most cases, these lands belong to the state or municipality, and since 2010, they can be transferred free of religious institutions in the ownership or long-term use. The new project also deprives them of the Civil Code that possibility. “The owners of the buildings on the state or municipal land will only be entitled to its redemption, and free use is transformed into a paid permanent tenure” – wrote in his letter to the Patriarch.

“I would agree with what His Holiness said: most likely, it would be so. So we come out of the game, which is imposed on us by completely robbing the rules,” – said the father, Boris.

“This is so contrary to the law, common sense and a sense of justice, that if the state wants to have a loyal citizens who will follow the law, it must first of all self respect these laws. I think this is one of the strongest arguments that can be. Another argument – you can expand and show how to use the church historically land … These funds are used as intended and under the control of the parent organization. Specifically, for parishes such regulatory authority was Spiritual Consistory. money that the church received from the lease of land, kept in the bank, and their safety and controlled spending Consistory “- explained the rector of the church,” Protection of the Virgin in Fili, “noting that one can only” wait Putins reaction, I think that in the near future he will answer. ”

A significant part of the church land is used for other purposes

The exact area of land, which uses donated church is unknown.

Federal agencies such as the Federal State Statistics Service, and the Federal Property Management Agency Rosreestr not have information on the number of religious institutions and their property, so estimate the area, the cost of land and the lease is not possible.

According to the website “Temples of Russia”, the country has more than 16.5 thousand Orthodox churches, monasteries and chapels, of which almost 13 thousand churches, more than 3 thousand hours and nearly 600 monasteries.

ROC institutions receive benefits of rent. So, for the Orthodox educational institutions in Moscow, offering free education, in 2002 the Government of Moscow established a symbolic rent of 1 ruble per 1 sq. km. meters a year. The total area of the eight schools were more than nine thousand square meters. m

However, as reported in an interview with the newspaper “Kommersant” president of Penny Lane Realty George Dzagurov, today, much of the church land is used for other purposes.

“Today, the country has two options. Either give the church some of the conditions on which it can continue to use their land free of charge, or to make the church the same tenant lands, like the rest of our citizens. As if the church will receive a donation use of the land enjoyed today, will need to set limits. Given that the land was originally related to the church, used for other purposes, “- he said.

To the provisions of the new Civil Code has not been adopted, it is necessary opinion and members of other faiths, the head of the State Duma Committee for Public Associations and Religious Organizations Jaroslav Nilov.

“We need to be sensitive to the fact that we have a secular state, and were just under the ROC can not make laws. But if the question of concern to all religions, it is a matter of attention to our committee as well. Now comes the process of working on the new Civil Code, and who knows, in the second reading this the norm or not. I know that there are still various issues with the delay, the decision has not been made and it is unclear why the ROC goes to the highest level “, – he said.