Chief Bailiff of Moscow: Butovo residents against using force is not the bailiffs, and the local police department

Chief Bailiff of Moscow: Butovo residents against using force is not the bailiffs, and the local police department

The bailiffs are not allowed to command the use of force during the eviction of residents from the demolished houses in South Butovo, told reporters on Thursday, Chief Bailiff of Moscow, Alexander Komarov. According to him, “overdoing” the use of force was not his office, and police department of the Southwestern District For future action to evict, the performance of the already rendered decisions postponed due to the illness of respondents, and the new hearing for the eviction would not be held to autumn.

The bailiffs are not guilty of excessive use of force, said the head of the bailiff service. “The bailiff turned for help to the bodies of internal affairs, but the decision on what forces should be involved, not take it, and the head of the local police department, in this case – the South-West district. So, all the questions at” – Komarov said the agency “Interfax”.

The work of the service Komarov said at this stage of the – by the decision of the district court of Moscow Zyuzinsky Prokofiev family from living quarters on tadresu Bogucharsky Street, Building 19 was moved into the living room at street Kadyrov, 8.

Referring to talk about the alleged looting of the property of the family Prokofiev, Komarov said, “In strict accordance with the law, police officer put the property for safekeeping, and the debtor at any time to pick it up – it is safe and sound.”

On the question of how the eviction after living in his former home of citizen Prokofiev, chief bailiff said: “The decision to evict her executed. Later, she returned there by squatting.”

Regarding the enforcement of court decisions on other matters, mosquitoes, said that while it will be performed.

“At the moment brought four executive production for the South Butovo. One of them – to the family of Prokofiev – has already been completed, on the other three production delayed due to the illness of debtors,” said Komarov.

In this case, Komarov said that a statement on the suspension of the enforcement proceedings to bailiffs turned claimant – Prefecture South-Western Administrative District of Moscow.

On Tuesday, the prefect of the South-Western Administrative District of Moscow, Alexei Chelyshev declared a moratorium on judicial eviction of villagers in South Butovo to the end of August.

“Yesterday I signed appeal to Zyuzinsky interdistrict court to cancel before the end of August of these cases,” – he said on Wednesday at an enlarged meeting of the Public Chamber for public control over the activities of law enforcement agencies, law enforcement agencies and the reform of the judicial system.

As informs “Interfax”, in turn, First Deputy Chairman of the Government of Moscow Vladimir Resin said that the decision of a desire Mayor Yuri Luzhkov “to find a peaceful way out of this conflict.”