Attorney Generals office seized the Moscow real estate Group Menatep

Attorney Generals office seized the Moscow real estate Group Menatep

Nevzlin, the main shareholder Group Menatep, said that prosecutors have arrested a number of houses belonging to the group. “Kommersant” states that a criminal case in which arrested nine of real property, were filed with respect to the general director of Yukos-FBTS Irina Golub.

Nevzlin told the newspaper that the arrest of the buildings in Group Menatep learned by accident. “We started the inventory to find ways to get more profit foundation” Open Russia “to offset its costs, including the expense of leasing buildings. Turning to BTI, we learned that all arrested.”

According to some reports, investigators believe that the blue used by Yukos underpaid taxes – 76.9 billion rubles in 2000 and 2001 – for the purchase of buildings.

The arrest was made on the basis of the two rulings judges Basmanny District Court of Moscow Olga Solopova on the criminal case N18/325543-04. According to the decree of 27.09.2004 N59 were arrested real estate company GML Estate at: Kolpachny per., 4 p 3; Kolpachny per., 6, page 6A, st. Pokrovka, 8/2, page 1. Decree N58, the same date, provided for seizure building at Ulan per., 22, pp. 1 and 2; Kolpachny per., 3, page 2, Kolpachny per., 7 p 2 and 3; Kolpachny per., 5, 5. Furthermore, the second resolution provided the arrest of the building at Kolpachny per., 6, page 5, but Mosgorregistratsiya reported that the building is owned by the Moscow government.

The prosecutors situation with the arrest of buildings declined to comment, citing the case of liability and the need to verify this information.