Antimonopoly Service has banned the Moscow authorities to demolish seven vocational schools in the capital

Antimonopoly Service has banned the Moscow authorities to demolish seven vocational schools in the capital

Office of the Federal Antimonopoly Service in Moscow declared illegal the order of the city government on the transfer of LLC “Capital-west” of land in the city center, which is located seven vocational schools. School planned to demolish and build in their place 25 thousand square meters of residential and office space. In return, the company had to build a training and production complex in South Butovo. Moscow authorities given three months to address the violations, said on Tuesday the newspaper “Kommersant”.

The scandal erupted with PTU week ago, when FAS interested in the Moscow Government 837 of May 2006, according to which the rights of the investor and developers were handed LLC “Capital-west.” The fact that the Land Code established that land for housing is allocated exclusively for the auction.

“If it is only the construction of offices in these areas, the revenue from the sale of land the developer can bring from 7-8 million – to assess the scale of the project director of professional services companies NightFrank Maria Kotova. – And if the developer decides to make a choice in favor of housing , the proceeds from the sale could be between 180-200 million dollars. ”

Representatives of the Government of Moscow indicate the social importance of the project: instead of demolished buildings LLC “Capital West” should be built in South Butovo training center “City of Masters” with a total area of about 50,000 square meters. “At the center of the city – the seven ill-equipped zhivopyrok that are difficult to reconstruct. They studying 1,100 children, – said the head of the Moscow Department of Education Love Kezina. – A complex in Butovo designed for 2000 students, it should be a modern complex with a strong infrastructure.”

The newspaper “Izvestia” indicates that the developer plans to build in South Butovo superkolledzh unprecedented level of sports grounds, swimming pools, industrial base and training facilities pales against the prospects for students and teachers to travel each day to the far outskirts of Moscow. In addition, even the most luxurious building in South Butovo not pull and half the cost of the modest little houses in the center. And for this “exchange” Moscow authorities “surcharges” and did not require, the newspaper said.